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The abortion issue is very controversial; there are many voices against it as well as for. But what the abortion actually is? It is a purposeful termination of pregnancy with intention other

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Jasmin Belkarty Religious Education Coursework Sanctity of life is the equality of being sacred or holly; it is a gift from God; it makes every single human being to be special and sacred and as such should be treated. The Bible says: 'So God created people in his own image; God patterned them after himself; male and female he created them' *1 So if we all come from God and have something of God's nature in us, or at least capacity to show God's nature, how it is possible to kill something so special, especially a child? The abortion issue is very controversial; there are many voices against it as well as for. But what the abortion actually is? It is a purposeful termination of pregnancy with intention other than to produce a live born infant or to remove a dead fetus. One of the opinions for abortion is 'If the anti-abortion movement took a tenth of the energy they put into noisy theatrics and devoted it to improving the lives of children who have been born into lives of poverty, violence, and neglect, they could make a world shine.' *2 . The opinion may seem right and reasonable but an other opinion worth considering, this time against abortion, is 'It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so you can live as you wish' *3. However, can the fetus in mother's womb be called a child? When the personhood begins? When it is all right to kill it, and when it is too late? ...read more.


They may survive but be seriously disabled. Physicians have introduced the technique of "fetal reduction" to handle such situations. A number of the fetuses are selectively aborted. This reduces the number remaining in the womb to a manageable level, so that all have a good chance of developing fully before being born. Summarizing, the Islamic teachings treat mother's life as sacred, as it allows abortion to save her life. Islam also regards the sanctity of life of the un-born child, as it does not allow abortion if for example the mother was a rape victim or simply do not want to have the baby. Islam protects its holly and sacred live. In England, however, the majority of people are Anglicans, a denomination of Christians, and their points of view are more liberal than Muslims'- which I discussed above or Roman Catholics', another denomination of Christianity. Roman Catholics do not allow abortion even if the child's of mother's life is handicapped. For most British women, access to abortion is relatively straightforward. It would also probably be true to say that the anti-abortion lobby has no chance of persuading this or any government to ban abortion. Instead, where opponents of abortion are now most active is in relation to certain sorts of abortion, which are regarded as more problematic than normal. Some of the opponents present opinions, which may be considered as extremist "Because I believe that abortion is murder, I also believe that force is justified in an attempt to stop it." ...read more.


The abortion is legal, but as statistics show, it is not used to abort those pregnancies when child or mother are handicapped. Only 1,900 abortions (1%) were under ground E, risk that the child would be born handicapped. The total number of abortions was 185,400, compared with 181,600 in 2003, a rise of 2.1% , the age-standardised abortion rate was 17.8 per 1,000 resident women aged 15-44 (17.5 in 2003) The abortion rate was highest, at 31.9 per 1000, for women in the 18-19 and 20-24 age groups The under-16 abortion rate was 3.7 compared with 3.9 in 2003. The under-18 rate was 17.8 compared with 18.2 in 2003 82% of abortions were funded by the NHS; of these, just over half (51%) took place in the independent sector under NHS contract 88% of abortions were carried out at under 13 weeks gestation; 60% were at under 10 weeks Medical abortions accounted for 19% of the total compared with 17% in 2003. The statistics can be summarized by word of Mother Teresa: "If we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people to not kill each other? Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want." Sources: To produce the piece of coursework I had to collect information about the case. My main source of all information was the Internet and the booklet- coursework planner, which we have received from R.E. teacher. ...read more.

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