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The Amish have a distinctive culture. Do their beliefs and values lead to a better way of life than our own?"

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Amish assessment "The Amish have a distinctive culture. Do their beliefs and values lead to a better way of life than our own?" Did you know that the Amish when they are in a relationship would bundle? This means to sleep with your clothes on (strange, I know). In this essay I will be trying to find out if the Amish way of life leads to a better way of life than our own. The Amish can trace their religious heritage back to the Swiss Anabaptists during 16^th century Europe. During this time Europe as a continent was undergoing a major religious change, which eventually lead to a change (division) in the church. Before the division in the church in the 16^th century the Catholic Church was the only Christian faith practised in Western Europe. One of the reasons for this was because of the religion of the monarchy at the time. This began to change when Martin Luther lead a revolt against the Catholic Church and Henry VIII tried to enforce Protestantism over England, this was commonly known as the Church of England. ...read more.


The men will do all the hard labour and farm labour, the women will do most of the house work and will generally slave around after the men. During their time of need the Amish as a community will pull together and assist each other so they become more efficient, whilst then men carry out the task the women will provide beverages and food. The roots of this behaviour can be traced back to the bible, genesis book -the fall. As the Amish prefer to be separated from modern life they tend to live in small communities closed away from the modern way of life. The only way you are able to take a look at an Amish community is to go on a guided tour. Just because the Amish allow tourists to come into their community it doesn't necessarily mean they agree with it. When a tour takes place the Amish always ask prefer it if cameras and similar appliances can be kept away, the reason for this is because when their photo is taken they feel like a part of their soul is being taken away from them. ...read more.


There are more differences between our culture and the Amish culture than similarities, this can be seen in the way we dress, work, live and generally work with one another. Great Britain and the rest of the world is becoming more secular every day, we are beginning to only believe what we can prove is true and what we cant prove is simply a lie, we are starting to lose faith within ourselves. Another difference is our will to stay alive, without this we would all probably be dead, but the Amish don't mind if they die, they will see it as if they are going to heaven, Gods kingdom. Our lives also evolves around making money and becoming well known and famous, whilst the Amish devote their life to god and his beliefs. I am unable to answer the question of do the Amish beliefs lead to a better way of life than my own as I have been raised in a world with rules and boundaries and a family which has nearly thrown out religion entirely. I cannot possibly say which way of life is better as I will always be biased towards my own, But what I can say is that each way o life has it's on advantages and disadvantages. ...read more.

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