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The article investigates the mixed messages sent from the White House in America for the hunt of those in the al-Qaeda. The analysis below studies three issues, with evidence and possible suggestions.

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Psychology Coursework The article investigates the mixed messages sent from the White House in America for the hunt of those in the al-Qaeda. The analysis below studies three issues, with evidence and possible suggestions. Issue One The first issue is that of blind obedience. This means that people automatically perform tasks, regardless of whether they're correct or not. "The suicide bomb that killed 12 people...terrorist attack" strengthens this issue - it shows how terrorists are prepared to take their own life so that they can affect others. The other angle of the similar idea is that of scapegoating, and how President Bush is using his leadership. Evidence supporting that blind obedience occurs in society comes from Milgram. Evidence One Milgram's study aimed to see how obedient people would be. The idea was that people would not do as the experimenter said and "electrocute" people. However, the findings showed that 40 people went up to giving a 300-volt shock to the "learner", which surprised researchers. The astonishing link is that President Bush is using a similar tactic - his position of authority - to get the politics out of the "embarrassment for the Administration..." by announcing Mr Padilla's arrest. ...read more.


The American Government is prejudiced since the attacks from the terrorists. The evidence supporting prejudice originates from the study by Tajfel. Evidence Two The study by Tajfel looked at what was required to create Intergroup discrimination between the ingroup and the outgroup. Simply putting people into groups resulted in Intergroup discrimination, with a liking towards the ingroup (the group that a person was in) and a determination to outdo the outgroup. When it came to choices, students would pick values from matrices which had the biggest difference, thus distancing the ingroup more from the outgroup (the maximum difference). Linked to this article, the conflict between America and al-Qaeda follows a similar idea. The idea is taken further with a claim that "India was using American's obsession with the terrorist group". A third group appears to be involved, according to the quote, as well as showing how America has an unhealthy obsession for al-Qaeda. Suggestion Two Removing group discrimination from society is difficult to say the least. There will always be groups, such as a football match. However, it may be possible to provide equality in law - this may improve the situation. ...read more.


This is shown by repeated blunders by the FBI, "equally frustrating has been the failure of most FBI attempts to extradite men..." - in fact, also making reference to Europe. These cultural differences may cause difficulties in communication, thus leading to conflict. Suggestion Three A possible suggestion would be via education, in an attempt to teach children / students how main cultures operate. It's important to show society the effects, i.e. World War 2, and the recent terrorist attacks, as well as getting society to understand that other cultures have their own and particular set ways. However, a problem that may occur is allowing a culture to 'speak' out, due to its conflicts with another culture, thus leading to attacks. Teaching and learning to understand others is vital, but this cannot be taught to everyone - there may be a biological trait to not accepting and understanding difference, and therefore eugenics would be the answer in an attempt to solve this. Conclusion Despite the many issues in regarding such a matter, it is difficult to remove such problems as prejudice and cross-cultural communication, as explained above. The article has outlined the many problems that could be avoided - such as a lack of communication and understanding of other cultures, but other traits are difficult to remove from society. ...read more.

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