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The Bacchae has involved itself with solid characters that draw reader's attention to their personalities, characteristics and behaviours.

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By "Sotoodeh Yarmahmoudi" The Bacchae has involved itself with solid characters that draw reader's attention to their personalities, characteristics and behaviours. What Euripides done to make this affect on it's reader's mind is the way of portraying the characters with their extreme religious experience, as the prologue began with the main character by using a long Godish speech (Monologue), to make an image of how powerful this protagonist is by mentioning himself as "Son of Zeus". A character who is powerful, conforming tradition and motives of humiliation, who we will believe that he is still in doubt of his followers to take him as "son of the Zeus" ,By using "they said Dionysus was no son of Zeus...therefore I shall prove to him and every man in Thebes that I am God indeed". That makes us to understand the fact, which his target audience is, mainly Pentheus and those who don't worship him, which he use the word "people" for them. One of the features of this Persian God; "Dionysus" is being determined unlike Pentheus. He uses words such as "I'll show to every..."which makes him to take control of everything , but not only that he seems to be proud of it as well as mentioning "I should go my way and be revealed to other man..." which shows that the issue in his speech, smoothly changes as he once tries to convince his people that he's powerful by being the son of Zeus by admitting it himself and then showing off his ability afterwards. ...read more.


Only we can see." which gives us an impression that what they're trying to do, is to make themselves more at the centre of this extreme believe of Dionysus, as they're trying to convince both us and themselves that they're possessed. However we are aware of their oldness, for it is in their persons and through their words that they want to be seen as youths in their outer shells;" I could dance night and day, how sweet it is to forget my age." which is to make us realise that they can still cop but with a bit of fear, moreover they found dancing, singing and getting drunk, the answers to this fear. As they're trying to emphasise their old age, yet it's been shown to us a lot in their conversation to each other by saying; "I shall lead, my old age..." That gives us an idea about their attitude to their age. The use of irony of course, has been used when Teiresias, affecting the role of loyalty traditionalist, as he uses the phrase;" Did the Gods deduce that...?"This shows his strong religious bond to Dionysus. Moreover he also lectures Pentheus on the nature of Dionysus with the utter possessed madness of him, as he portray Pentheus "A worthless and stupid citizen" and advice him as" this god whom you ridicule shall someday..."which clearly shows his extreme sign of being religious to Dionysus. ...read more.


At the time, he is shown in order to be presented for what he is; such as an ignorant of himself and his nature. Ever much his conduct may outrage sympathy, his youth and utter human helplessness before the awful shape of his necessity is addressed directly to reader's understandably and compassion. Pentheus is a lonely arrogance of the exceptional individual figure. A figure which under dramatic responsibilities and believes turn out to be sacrificed in Dionysus's hand. He is a man with selfish and impatient of tradition in action." My mother...in no time I shall have trapped in iron nets and stop this absence disorder." This clearly shows us his stubbornness and being selfish. Yet we see in his costume and madness not merely his humiliation, but the total loss of identity. To put Euripides in perspective, dramatically, the main body of the play is a skilfully constructed confrontation between the two major protagonists; Pentheus and Dionysus. The distinguish of heavy-handed and angry man "Pentheus" against the smiling soft spoken and humanized shaped God "Dionysus". However Pentheus plays his rule by being deeply jealous of Dionysus, and ruthless in enmity; he is intolerant of opposition in his will. The God of course is ambiguous and raw power that shows his tradition through the dramatic demonstration, that represent him not devilish, but a careless power and the reality of awful. Dramatically the core of the play is a war of words and disagreement between the two characters: Pentheus and Dionysus. The distinguish of violent and narrow-minded man" Pentheus"against the smiling and ambiguous god" Dionysus". 1 ...read more.

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