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The Bible (Importance in Public and Private Worship)

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The Bible 'Explain the importance of the bible in public and private worship.' The Bible is an important book to all Christians. It is split into two main parts: The Old Testament and The New Testament. The Old Testament contains the history of God's chosen people, the Israelites and recounts their lives. It also contains poetry, theology and history. The beginning of the New Testament narrates the life of Jesus Christ and his teachings as well as the establishment of the early Church and prophesies of things to come. The Bible is such an important book to Christians because they believe that is the word of God and so it used in acts of worship unto God. These include public worship like baptisms, funerals and normal church services as well as private worship in the home such as devotions. The Bible is important to the use of public services and the parts of the Bible used differ for every type of service. In a wedding, many parts of the bible are used. However the most common verses quoted are those from 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. ...read more.


This helps Christians to understand exactly what a baptism is. It is a sign of washing away sins and that they have decided to become a member of the Church and turn away from sin. The Bible is important as it has instructions for how people get baptized as well as why people should take part in this act. The bible is also used by some churches to explain why infants should be baptized. As well as special occasions the Bible is also used in ordinary events during the course of an average service. The Bible is used as a reference to most sermons preached by priests and pastors. It shows examples of how Christians should live and universally true to all Christians. This is why it is important the Bible is used. Many songs are based on passages or phrases. Songs like the Lord's my shepherd are based on Psalm 23, which is about the Lord protecting his people. The Bible is important it is an inspiration to many Christians, of how they should praise their God. ...read more.


Isaiah is a prophecy of Jesus and the things that will happen to him whilst he is on earth; the most important his death and resurrection. In private worship, the Bible is read from and prayers in the Bible are recited. Prayers such as the Lord's Prayer are obtained from the Bible in Matthew 6:10-14. This makes it easier for many young Christians to be able to pray. The Bible instructs that Christians need to pray to connect and communicate with God, and so the Bible is important as it helps Christians to form a relationship with God and develop more this skill even more. Devotionals such as the 'Word for Today', are simple breakdowns of the Bible for Christians, they help Christians to understand the Bible, and to read the Bible more. These devotionals are more personal use and are based on the Bible showing the importance of reading the Bible and feeding the soul everyday. So in conclusion, the Bible is an important book for Christians as it is a guide, a point of reference and for some Christians an inspiration. It is featured in all parts of worship and often forms the whole basis of worship. ?? ?? ?? ?? Natania Duhur RS Coursework Centre No: xxxxx Candidate No: xxxx ...read more.

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