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The Black Death - diary accounts.

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The Black Death 26 March 1348 The new trade routes to our country have brought many new thing, new medicines, new medical ideas and new ways to kill our people. The most vicious of these is the Black Death. I heard about how this sickness had affected many of the busiest port towns, but I never thought it would affect my small rural community. How wrong could I have been? It has now taken so cruelly the lives of my mother and many of my close friends. Only last week, I remember sitting at my mother's bed side dampening her forehead with cool water on a flannel in an effort to keep her fever at bay. My husband and father were also gathered around me, offering support. We prayed twice every day, asking for Gods forgiveness. But the illness just took a firmer grip on my mother's life. ...read more.


I do not believe this; I do not know what to believe. My father has different symptoms to mother. Father is finding it increasingly difficult to breath and he frequently coughs up blood. My husband has forbidden me from venturing into my fathers room. He says that if the other town's folk are correct, then I must not breathe in the stale air from my father's room. My husband has locked himself in with my father vowing only to come out to get food and drink. He has told me that the food we eat must not contain any hot substances such as pepper, garlic and onions as they generate excess heat. Instead I have been told to use cucumber, fennel and spinach. Every morning I inhale a sweet smelling perfume before going to buy our daily shopping. ...read more.


Three times in each procession, he lays down on the ground with his arms outstretched din the shape of a cross. This is in order, he says, to show god that he is punishing himself, so that god does not have to punish him with the Black Death. 30 April 1848 My husband, mother and father all lay next to each other in the same grave. 2 June 1848 My family all contracted the pestilence. They all tried various methods to cure themselves. They all have left me. I am alone, sad and dying of the plague with nobody to look after me. The rich can not offer any aid, as there are none of them left. My fellow poor cannot share in my burden as they have been lunber4ed with it themselves. They only place I may find aid, is the mass grave. There I will find people who have suffered as I have, but have got over it and gone to a better place. ...read more.

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