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The Calling of the Disciples

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Question 1 Introduction The word 'disciple' can be interpreted in different ways. It can be interpreted in a Christian way or in a general way. In Christian terms, the word 'disciple' means 'a follower of Christ.' In general terms, it derives from the Latin word 'disciplus,' which means 'leader.' A disciple should, above all, have faith, like the man from the parable 'The Epileptic Boy' did (Mk 9:24). The qualities necessary to be a disciple are constantly emphasised throughout Mark's Gospel. They include humility, love for children, have fidelity and receive the Kingdom of God like a child. It is also important that a follower is a servant of all. The disciples follow their teacher. In the case of Jesus, Jesus was the rabbi (teacher) and the disciples were his students. ...read more.


We not know if any of the disciples were married, but it is evident that they left their livelihoods. There were different kinds of disciples, from Mark's Gospel there is evidence of four: * 12 main disciples called Apostles * 70 close disciples and helpers * A group of women who were committed to Jesus * Ordinary people who varied in commitment, such as Blind Bartimaeus. Mission of the Disciples In 'Mission of the Disciples' in Mark's Gospel, Jesus instructs the disciples to go out in pairs and bring nothing but a haversack (begging bag). Their mission was to preach repentance, cast out many devils and to anoint many sick people with oil and cure them. Jesus told them to wear sandals and not to take a spare tunic. The intention of this parable is to show that the disciples had nothing to rely on except God. ...read more.


Peter was a great leader who recognised who Jesus was, and he gave up everything to follow him. Many also gave their lives for Jesus, such as Stephen. But some did not understand Jesus. Peter was called Satan by Jesus and he denied Jesus when the cock crowed twice. All of the disciples, except Peter, ran away from Jesus when they knew that he was in trouble and they were not there were Jesus rose again. Perhaps the women, therefore, were closer to Jesus. Conclusion It is evident, from Mark's Gospel, that discipleship was not easy and not a decision to be taken lightly. The Rich Young Man in Mark's Gospel had to think about it-maybe that is a sign to the World. It seems that being a disciple, in this life, had few advantages, but many disadvantages. It is therefore necessary to believe that being a disciple of Jesus means a reward after death. 1 ...read more.

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