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The case for and against abortion.

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Abortion An abortion is basically the termination of the life of a foetus. There are many different types of abortion. This also includes a natural kind of abortion called a miscarriage. A miscarriage can occur to up to 80% of foetuses. The dictionary definition of abortion is "premature explosion of a foetus." An Infanticide abortion is killing the baby after birth. Procured abortions are when a termination is carried out with outside help. Most religions believe abortion is wrong. Until 1967 all abortions in the UK were illegal. There are now some new measures to terminate a baby, e.g.- if a woman thinks she has conceived the night before the next morning she can go to the doctors and get a "morning after pill." This pill stops the baby from forming. Many say life begins as soon as a baby is conceived. The Bible is a Christian guide to life telling Christians about their history etc. The Bible also says why God created the earth and why humans the way they are etc. In Genesis 1:27 it reads; "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them." ...read more.


The SPUC also try to tighten laws on abortion. The union will also try to drive out all abortions carried out on the terms of disability etc. Leaflets are distributed all over the UK to try and get people to join the union and promote it. Foetal models have been sent to every secondary school in the UK free of charge, the SPUC also produce many educational packs for schools. These are produced to teach the younger generation of people about abortion and why it is wrong. The SPUC has to also try and educate its own members by hiring guest speakers etc. The Presbyterians Pro-Life (PPL) are an organisation that will help woman who are pregnant and either afraid or alone. They provide a Samaritan style service where mothers can phone and have a chat. The PPL help women by who are pregnant and mothers by going over their options. There are 2 main options that the PPL promote. Option 1 is to raise your baby. Sometimes babies can come at the wrong time, when life may be hard going. The PPL will support mothers at this time. The PPL are a Christian group and will help mothers find a church for loving help. ...read more.


Every one in the world is different, no 2 people are the same. If every one was the same, society would become boring. Who knows but any of the future aborted babies could change the way we live today maybe changing history in their path. One of the aborted babies may have found out the cure for cancer. 3) People with the most awful handicaps can lead happy, creative and fulfilled lives. Handicapped people can live in care where they will be well looked after and be happy. Handicapped people have a right to live also they don't deserve to be aborted just because they are different. A great example of a handicapped person who has lived a creative fulfilled life is Stephen Hawking whose books has made him the most intelligent man in the world since Einstein. 4) Modern science proves that the unborn child is a separate human being from contraception. It is never just a part of his or her mother's body. The unborn child is forming in the mother's body as a new human being it is growing its own brain and its own heart to prepare its self to one day be independent. Babies are still forming after birth, there skulls are still fairly soft when born and can take another year or so to fully harden. By James Harrison ...read more.

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