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The Christian View Of Abortion

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THE CHRISTIAN VIEW OF ABORTION Throughout this essay, I will be discussing the Christian views on abortion. I will be presenting arguments for and against abortion then will conclude on if abortion is right or wrong. Many Christians believe that abortion is wrong because it is the termination of the unborn foetus. They also believe the life is sacred and belongs to God; only he has the right to end a pregnancy. An abortion should never be the answer no matter what the circumstances may be. Christians oppose the deliberate killing of the unborn baby when the mother's life is not in danger. ...read more.


From a Christian view, deliberate abortion - except when the mother's life is in danger - is murder. That is why Christians are against it, even though governments in some parts of the world have legalized it. It is killing the defenseless living beings by taking away their most basic human right: the right to life. The Ten Commandments, which are the rules, which all Christians should abide by, say that no Christian should contemplate murder (6th commandment "You shall not kill"). On the other hand, some Christian people believe that abortion is the right thing to do. ...read more.


Some other points that are made are that if abortion were banned then women would either kill the baby after birth or go to have "backstreet" abortions, which are done by people who are not qualified to do such operations that can put both the mother and baby in danger. In conclusion, we have found out that are many reasons for which Christians may or may not like to have abortions. In my opinion abortions are completely wrong and should not be allowed this is because if a women gets pregnant it is her responsibility to take full care of the baby and give it as much love and attention it needs. Aakash Pandya 12/10/2007 R.E. Homework ...read more.

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