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The Church, A Christian Place of Worship.

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RS COURSEWORK CHURCHES Rob Shuter 10R Nottingham Fernwood 28242 Table of Contents Page No. 1. Contents Page 2. The Church, A Christian Place of Worship 3. Section A The Church : A Place Of Christian Worship Introduction The word "church" can be interpreted in two different ways. The first of which simply means a group of people who are in fellowship, and the second obviously the building itself. However, the building and the group hold different meanings and differing importance with each individual Christian. For example, someone might consider that the church building itself might be their key for their love for God and worship whereas another might find that the building holds little relevance and thus to be in the company of fellow Christians is their priority. In not one instance in the New Testament does the word "church" refer to a building but always as a company of worshipping people who have pledged their lives to Jesus. In this sense, the group came first and the building second but often the building of a church was seen as a sacrifice for hard both hard labour and money were invested into it for the Glory of God. In Britain the "Established" Church is the Church of England. This denomination came to being after Henry VIII fell out with the Pope regarding certain restraints of Catholicism regarding marriage and thus set out desecrating the monasteries for both financial gain and to spite the Catholic church. The disciple Paul pointed out that God has appointed Jesus "head over everything for the church" (Eph. 1:22) He was emphasising the fact that Jesus is the supreme head of the church and the vital life force that runs through it. Section A In a typical Church of England there are several distinguishing features that symbolise certain things that are special to the members of that particular church. ...read more.


For instance, the minister will visit those that are sick in the parish, and will just pay general visits around the area. Also, the minister is on church committees such as the maintenance committee or the overseas charity committee. Church in the Community As said in the section on the notice board, the church display activities that go on in the community, these range from: * Keep fit Classes * Yoga * Brownies/Guides * Cubs/Scouts * Committee meetings * Coffee Mornings The church will often participate in local charity events because it is a sign of a good Christian to be caring and have concern for others. In a small village, the church is the community. The church is always open to those in need. With the closure of village shops and post offices, churches become the only community building in rural areas and so must be kept in good condition. Local people will often help raise money for the church. In more urbanised areas, the church can be utilised as a homeless shelter as one of the teachings of Christianity is "love thy neighbour" however poor or sick they are. In Africa there is currently an HIV/AIDS epidemic and it is spreading fast. Perhaps the largest contributor for educating the people about AIDS is the church. No other organisation can join people together in hope better than the church. It unites communities and can get its message across to a more widespread range of people. The hope is to educate the new generation of children, millions of which are orphans due to their parents death of AIDS. The children are also a victim of AIDS, they are left on their own with no family living in poverty with no future, the church is steadily working towards changing this. My local church is not only involved in the local community but also the global community. ...read more.


We fit into God's plan by carrying out his Great Commission which is in 5 parts, 1. Evangelism 2. Adding to the church by baptising the saved 3. Maturing believers through discipleship. 4. Conforming ourselves to Christ 5. Bringing glory to God. "The gathered Christian community grows in godliness by means of the work of each Christian in the group by helping other Christians in the community grow" Ephesians 4:16 On the other hand, is Christianity not a personal relationship with God that does not necessarily have anything to do with any other? It is a personal journey with God and so the only important factor is to be at peace with the Lord and to have a close relationship with him. People go to church to learn about the faith but when sufficient has been learned there no longer is the need to carry. This mean that people can live a good Christian life without having to go to church whilst still carrying out the teachings of Christ. There are some people in the world that will go to church for the sake of going to church, keeping up appearances so to speak. Theses people think that by going "religiously" (excuse the pun) every Sunday that that automatically makes them a good Christian regardless of how they acted in everyday life. The clergy can preach about all the goodness and joy in the world and still not make you into a good Christian for ultimately, it is your choice and the church cannot exclusively run your life. We are responsible for our own decisions. In conclusion, it is my belief that there are no strict boundaries about whether you should or should not go to church to be a good Christians. I think that the church is not only a place of worship but also a house of learning, God's house of learning and so you need to understand the teachings before you set out on your journey with Christ. ...read more.

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