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The Church In Nazi Germany.

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The Church In Nazi Germany The Church in Nazi Germany was subjected to as much pressure as any other organization in Germany. Any perceived threat to Hitler could not be tolerated - and the churches of Germany potentially presented the Nazis with numerous threats. Some church leaders welcomed the Nazi regime, as it appeared to hold some of the same values... These Common Themes between The Church and Hitler's ideologies were: * Traditional values * Importance of family life * Hostility towards communism * State Nationalism Hitler dealing with the Church There were mainly 2 types of church: The Catholics and the Protestants Hitler aimed to control the Protestant churches that had been nationalist, and had supported the conservative parties during the Weimar Republic. The Protestant Church in Germany in that period consisted of many smaller groups, so it was quite easy to make sure that they were disempowered. The Protestants themselves were split. It had 40 million members, 28 state churches, mainly Lutheran and Calvinist. ...read more.


who arrested him for opposing Hitler. Niemoller was sent to a concentration camp for 7 years where he was kept in solitary confinement. Many other Confessional Church members suffered the same fate. However, the Roman Catholic Church was more difficult to deal with and Hitler realized that he had to be very clever. The Catholic Church was an international body, run from outside Germany by the Pope who had immense power. Catholics were very loyal to their church; it had its own schools, colleges and even its own political party (the Center Party). This was seen as a serious rival to Nazi power. Hitler agreed to leave the Catholics alone if the Pope kept out of German politics: the Catholic Church viewed the Nazis as a barrier to the spread of communism. However, when he came to power, Hitler made a speech saying that the church was really important for Germany and he would respect it. At first the Catholics seemed happy with this. ...read more.


suggests that Hitler had been successful in controlling the Church, in practice, the laws were difficult to enforce, and many Nazis remained Christian themselves! In 1941, a secret report compiled by Protestants stated that children in Germany were being brought up minus a Christian education. It stated that the Nazis confiscated vast areas of church property, and that the Catholic Church in Germany was suffering from the same fate. Hitler needed to control the churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church, because he realized that if he didn't, people might realize that his demands and the church's teachings were different. Then they might be persuaded by their priests to disobey him. He wanted complete control of Germany and that meant that there could be nothing else which might take the people's loyalty away from him. The Roman Catholic Church was the biggest threat because it was a worldwide church, run from another country. Also, Roman Catholics tended to follow their church's teachings closely. Hitler didn't intend to compete with priests or even the Christian God for the people's loyalty. ...read more.

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