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The City of God - Religion Assignment (Mayors Letter)

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´╗┐Mayors Welcome Letter It is with great pleasure and a lot of pride that I welcome you to the City of Hope. As the mayor of our new town, I look to make this city a welcoming, and Christ-like one. I plan to do this through unity, love and peace, all while creating a positive and safe atmosphere. The fundaments of our city are three basic principles, the first being as follows: to be human is to be a person in relationship with others and to live in communities. This simply means that as humans we cannot be ourselves and survive without others. We exist to help one another and work together; this is why we live in communities. The second principle states that, to be human is to live in a culture where religion plays an essential role in how we live in the world. This principle explains that religion is a significant role in human cultures. This is why as the mayor of our city I felt it was essential to form this community around religion. ...read more.


This not only allows easy accessibility but it allows for unity regardless of personal beliefs. The third principle talks about how I plan to encourage individualism while still insuring that seclusion and discrimination are not present. Identity is founded through beliefs, values, meanings, and culture, and while I recognize the many different identities of the residents of this city, I still make it known that cultural differences are accepted and welcomed. I will promote groups that will allow residents to communicate with those related to them culturally, while at the same time avoiding segregation. In addition to the fundamental principles that this town is based upon, there are also significant values demonstrated in this city. Two of these important values shown in our community pertaining to human vocation include: humans are moral beings and humans are rational and free. In basic terms, these values depict that everyone is given a choice. We have the freedom to decide what is good or bad. Therefore we can direct one another to do our true good. ...read more.


Moreover, values centered on relationships and others that are displayed in this city include: other people are as important ? perhaps even more important ? than me and we are all equal. I plan to put the citizens of this town before myself to ensure that everyone is happy and the residents are satisfied with the way the city is being run. In addition, I will ensure that every single citizen is treated fairly with respect and offered the same opportunities regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, colour, gender, age, values or beliefs. In conclusion, if it is not already evident, our city will be a bright and hopeful one. I plan and wish to have the type of city that others will imitate and strive for, and I plan to stop at no means to get it. The principles and values discussed here are necessities and should be guaranteed to one with life, but unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. Thus I have taken it upon myself to create such a place, I can only hope that others will join me hand in hand and create a utopia with me. Sincerely, Kia Neil MAYOR ...read more.

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