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The comparison of the creation of the universe and origin of man & new species

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The comparison of the creation of the universe and origin of man & new species The Big Bang is a theory that the universe was created in a very large explosion involving three gases. My first point is to question where were these three gases? They didn't just come out of no where. They had to have a point of origin otherwise it is impossible for this theory to be true. Another theory linked to the big bang is the theory of Edwin Hubble, which says that the universe is expanding, the red shift. This means that the universe was once very small. This also means that the universe has dimensions, not in the form of alternate realities but just the outside part of the universe. The next questions which springs to my mind is what is outside these dimensions? I have done some research which tells me that it is unthinkable and incalculable which basically means we haven't got a clue what is out there and we never will. ...read more.


It carries on to say that all of us lived in the real world before. In the real world we were all one, and we were all happy together. But we were brought into the universe we live in today for the purpose of getting back out. The philosophy is answering the most important question in the universe. This question is: Why does the universe exist? The philosophy answers this by saying the reason we are here is to get back out to where we belong, and this is the meaning of life according to the theory. So people who believe in this philosophy believe that life is like a relay and every generation goes as close to the ends of the universe as they can get then they pass the stick on and the next generation gets closer until they finally reach their ultimate goal by reaching the outside world which is the real world so they can live as they use live in the real world in peace. ...read more.


I also found this theory interesting because I thought it is realistic and intellectual. I tried to find some mistakes in this theory so I started thinking, and I thought why did we stop evolving at the stage we are at now? Why didn't we keep on adapting to our needs? Then I came up with an answer, this was that we had evolved enough to not need to evolve anymore because we had technology to evolve for us. I continued to think of other mistakes in this theory when a rather obvious one came to me. This mistake was; Why aren't the apes today slowly evolving into man? So now that I have given you an example of a theory on the origin of man, I would like to give you my belief again. I believe that man was always man. We did not evolve from anything, there can be no arguments made against this theory or to me this reality. Hamad Ayaz 10K2 ...read more.

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