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The complex dilemma of Abortion R.E coursework

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* What is abortion? A natural abortion is the premature expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it is able to survive independently. Induced or artificial abortions are various medical and abusive procedures that results in such termination and expulsion of a fetus. For example, drug abuse during the pregnancy could induce a premature pregnancy and in some cases, when the baby is unwanted the mother could inflect self harm. But for the purpose of this argument I will restrict the discussion to induced abortions (artificial abortions). * Legal history There have been many laws about abortion passed in England in the last century. Before the 1967 Abortion Act was passed through parliament, women who wanted an abortion had to find someone who would carry out the procedure in secret. Many women were terribly injured by these "back - street" abortions that were carried out. But the 1967 Abortion Act stated that the woman had to convince two doctors that her mental health would suffer if she were to carry on with the pregnancy. If the doctor agreed with her, then the abortion would take place. However, the Act also stated that the abortion could only take place before the 24 week stage. ...read more.


This quote, backs the Roman Catholic view that it is always wrong to kill an unborn child. * The Didache is an early Christian document which directly condemns abortion: But this command was not concocted from thin air; the quotes that I have already mentioned, along with many other quotes from the Bible, helped bring together this direct command. b) So now that we know what Christian beliefs are, the next step is to see Christian beliefs in action. There are many ways which Christians can put their beliefs in to practice. In discussion with others, Christians may show that they disagree with abortion and will use references from the Bible to explain there opinion. One of these is by joining "pro-life" organizations such as SPUC. The society for the protection of unborn children is an organization that campaigns against abortion. They stand up for the rights of the unborn child and the humanity of the unborn child. Christian beliefs might also influence their vote in political elections. For example Christians who disagree with abortion may choose to vote for the party who has agreed to make abortions harder to get. Some Christians might choose a more active approach. ...read more.


One scenario that both pro life and pro choice Christians agree on is that if the mother was at risk because of the pregnancy, an abortion would be justified. However, when faced with this scenario, some strong pro life Christians would not agree as they would say that to save the mothers life is acting s God. This group of people agrees with the statement above. So again, no black and white conclusion can be made for the argument, however a vague conclusion can be made; in every case, there are different people and roles involved and there are endless scenarios that can never be mapped out in black and white and so this is where situation ethics comes in. this is where a decision is made based on the situation and scenario. This does how ever leave the argument open ended. Statement of Intent In this coursework I am looking to define abortion and then examine various Christian responses to the subject. Then I am going to look at the different ways in which these responses are put into action by Christians and then look to see if there is ever justification for carrying out an abortion. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Abortion and other medical issues section.

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