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The creation stories in the bible are fiction." Discuss There are 2 ways of understanding the bible. You can either have a literal or liberal view about how you interpret

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"The creation stories in the bible are fiction." Discuss There are 2 ways of understanding the bible. You can either have a literal or liberal view about how you interpret the bible. A literal view is one where a person believes the scripture is accurate because it is the word of God, it is dictated by God, and therefore cannot contain any error. A liberal view is one where a person believes the bible was inspired by God, it is not an exact historical or scientific truth, and it can contain errors because it was written by human beings. However it reveals theological truths in the form of stories and myths. The way in which a person interprets the bible will show how they view the creation stories. Some people would agree with this statement and say the creation stories are fiction. This is because believing God is creator is not argued or justified for in the bible, it is assumed. ...read more.


From the Adam and Eve story in Genesis 3:24 we see how humans destroy the existence for perfection created by God. People may not believe that God created the world because if He did then He must have created the serpent. Did God deliberately make it crafty? Did God know in advance that humans would succumb to temptation, disobey Him and therefore need punishing? People may also agree with this statement because the creation stories show 2 different things. For example, in the Creation in 6 days story we see that men and women are equal because they are created simultaneously by God, also in this story the setting is created then humans are created. However in the Adam and Eve creation story mankind is created before other living things and men and women are created separately. So if the creation stories do not agree with each other, then at least one of them must be fiction. ...read more.


So some people might disagree with this statement and believe the stories are true because they explain a lot of things, which exist in the world today. They also may believe that the story is true because it shows that God cares for humans even whilst punishing them because God clothes Adam and Eve before they leave the garden. The creation stories also show that God interacts with humans, he cares about them. Also, a literalist might say the creation stories explain how this world came into existence. God explained he created the world and so we should therefore believe this is true. They may say no other explanations are needed, such as "The big bang". I think whether a person agrees or disagrees with this statement depends on how they interpret the bible. If a person believes the bible is the word of God then they believe the creation stories are true, however if a person takes a liberal approach to the bible, then they may say the stories need to be interpreted. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sehrish Saleemi ...read more.

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