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The Day That Is Mapped In My Mind For Life

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The Day That Is Mapped In My Mind For Life Friday the 21st of December, it started of as any other day, the normal rush in the morning, the frantic putting on of uniform and the quick wash of my face. I stumbled down the stairs, pulling my jumper over my head and practically falling through the kitchen door. I was greeted with the familiar smell of burnt toast, my dad complaining about something on the television and my mum's reassuring smile. I smiled back while forcing my schoolbooks into my bag. For the last year this same normal routine occurred every morning but always at the back of mind was the thought of my Granda. ...read more.


I tried to pick myself up, constantly reminding myself that it was the last day of school and Christmas was in four days. Seeing my friends happy, reassuring smiles made me a lot better. The carol service took place that day and as I stood in the choir singing aimlessly I could feel the warm tear trickle down my cheek and land on the sheet of music below me. I stood in a daze, people's voices echoing in my head, thoughts building up. My friend must have knew what was wrong as she took my hand and gave it a tight reassuring squeeze. I didn't even know why I was crying. Normally, being and participating in the schools carol service was one of my favourite times of the year but this day, as I sat listening to Mr. ...read more.


My friends were so understanding, promising me everything was going to be ok. The news didn't sink in until I was by myself. As I sat on the bus, staring through the window the tears rolled out of my eyes. I buried my head in my hands feeling sick with emotion. Christmas, a time when families are supposed to be happy and together. I knew we'd all be together but not for the happy occasion everyone else would be. Over the next few days' life didn't seem fair. The funeral passed, two days before Christmas breaking not only my heart but my relatives as well. I saw my dad cry for the first time ever. Christmas passed as a blur. Everyone said that time would heal and in the end it did. But one think I know is that I'll never forget that Christmas and I'll never forget my Granda. Fiona Crawford 11C ...read more.

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