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The death of Jesus.

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RE: Coursework AO1 THE DEATH OF JESUS On the sixth hour, darkness engulfed the land. Then on the ninth hour Jesus cried out loudly "Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani". Translated this mean ,"my God my God, why have you deserted me?" When some of the people watching heard this they said, "Listen he is calling on Elijah" Someone then ran up with a reed with a sponge on it, soaked in vinegar and tried to get Jesus to drink it. Then Jesus cried out loudly and breathed his last breath. A centurion watching him said, "In truth this man was a son of god". The death of Jesus and the events running up to his death helps us to better our understanding, of the significance of Jesus dying for us. ...read more.


By accepting this task he earned the position Lord of humanity. Today we still don't understand the importance of the resurrection in relation to gods "plan". Through his suffering he achieved perfection by doing what God wanted. Jesus death was highly important as it show us the importance of his death and he is a symbol for us to looked to when we are suffering. Life After Death We believe as Christian of an after life there are three places that we believe exist in the afterlife: Heaven Hell Purgatory. As Catholics when a person becomes deceased there is usually a wake for the person when a friends\relative watches over the body during the night. Then the body in coffin is placed in front of the altar .The mass begin when the priest greets the mourners. ...read more.


The three main places that we believe when u die go to are heaven hell and purgatory. Heaven is seen to be a paradise where your purified soul goes. We believe only saints go strait to heaven while the majority of people go to purgatory. Purgatory is a place where u soul is purified so that u may better into heaven most people who are good go purgatory. However some people who turn the back on god and reject him or are just evil go to hell. The Jewish concept at that time of hell was a place of an eternal fire wee men weep and gnashing of teeth. Death should not be seen as the end it should be seen as only the beginning to greater things: to unite with god and be in heaven. Death should not be feared but celebrated ," we only mature when we no are own mortality" ...read more.

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