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The Death penalty.

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THE DEATH PENALTY Every so often, following a particularly horrendous crime which captures the disgust of the British public, such as the recent murder of two school girls in Soham, a topic comes to the fore once again - that is - whether or not the death penalty should be re-instated. I personally believe it should not. The last people to face the death penalty in Britain were Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans in 1964. The UK abolished the death penalty for murder provisionally in 1965 and in 1969 the abolition of the death penalty was made permanent in Great Britain. However, the death penalty is still used in some states of America today. There are numerous reasons why I believe the death penalty should not be brought back 1. The death penalty is an extreme punishment for those found guilty of committing a serious crime. However, what if the person executed was in fact innocent? Evidence could be unearthed after the initial trial proving the convicted to be not guilty. ...read more.


Years after the trial new, fresh evidence was found, and after a re-trial the men were found innocent and were set free. Under the death penalty system, all of these innocent men would have been executed. 2. A question we should also ask ourselves is, - Is the death penalty morally wrong? The death penalty promotes the idea that if someone does something terrible, you should do something bad back to them. Do two wrongs really make a right? Does executing someone help relieve the pain and grief felt by the victims' families? Does it bring the victims back to life? I do not believe so. Surely life in prison should be enough punishment for a serious crime. A life sentence should be exceptionally hard - why stoop to the level of murderers and take another life? 3. I believe the death penalty is also religiously wrong. "Thou shall not kill" - one of the Ten Commandments that Christians are meant to follow is proof of this. How can anyone claim that the execution of a 'guilty' person is religiously right.? ...read more.


As an extreme point I personally feel that the introduction of the death penalty could affect the way a jury would vote at a trial. I for one would not want to find a person guilty of a crime if I knew by doing so he could be executed. I would not want that on my conscience. However, life in prison would not affect my judgement. 6. My final point is this - I acknowledge that murder is a terrible act but surely the barbaric way in which people are executed is inhumane and, in a way, execution seems worse than the original crime. If re-introduced, what form would the death penalty take - lethal injection, electrocution, or hanging. Perhaps it would follow some of the more primitive methods such as be-heading or stoning that is acceptable in some Countries. Some of these methods are slow and painful - as seen in the film "The Green Mile". In conclusion, the death penalty - a system that does not work - should not be brought back. It is religiously and morally wrong and also has the risk of innocent people being killed in error. If we are to allow executions to continue, surely we would in fact be the real murderers? ...read more.

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