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The Death Penalty - Is it Barbaric? or Justice?

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The Death Penalty Is it Barbaric? or Justice? "...Guilty." "I must then sentence you with the only possibility, life imprisonment." How long must we suffer the agony of losing a loved one and losing the right for justice? Recently shadow Home Secretary David Davis said how he felt the death penalty was something which should be brought back. I cannot agree more as the notion of life meaning life is very rarely used and any judge would tell you it is now only in extreme cases that it is used. I can think of the time it was last used and yes it was in an extreme case and it certainly deserved the death penalty. It was the case of Ian Huntley who was found guilty of a double murder. But it was a horrific and brutal cold blooded killing that earned him the highest possible sentence in the criminal justice system. ...read more.


Recently he committed suicide and while one would try to feel sympathy to those are saddened by his death I cannot help but think good riddance to bad waste. The thing that makes it worse is possibly the thought of new EU legislation that means no longer can the Home Secretary decide whether or not to keep people in jail. Surely he should know best given that he is obviously going to go on public opinion and given that any murderer should not have the right to be free if the public don't want them to, because it is the public that the legal system is meant to protect after all. However having said all that, as a Christian I find it hard to condone the killing of any person. Especially giving the fact we all know that severe miscarriages of justice can happen and we only have to look at what actually happened to Christ himself to see that. ...read more.


There are many questions over the death penalty: how can we be sure of a person's guilt? Should we make martyrs of people? Are we not just resorting to their levels? The answer to all these is yes, quite simply. However, the question over whether or not we should have the death penalty is after all a personal view. I wonder, if you had a close friend or relative murdered would you not seek their death? This is a very complex and very controversial subject. Often what applies to one case does not apply for another. I often think if it was someone I knew in the dock for murder would I want them killed? However whenever the subject is raised I always refer to John Grisham's novel A View to Kill. This novel is a story of how a father killed the two people who killed his daughter and how the defence team argue that it was an instance of blind anger and rage. I firmly believe in the death penalty it is now up to you to decide if you do? ...read more.

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