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The death penalty, sometimes called capital punishment was introduced in bible times, if somebody so much as stole a piece of bread they would be gave the death penalty.

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Life is most precious to everyone and everything. Without life we would not have a proper civilisation, people would live forever or not even exist at all. What if I said to someone that I was going to take their life for something I presumed they had done? The death penalty, sometimes called capital punishment was introduced in bible times, if somebody so much as stole a piece of bread they would be gave the death penalty. A painful and slow death was usually the outcome, where someone would be starved until they where malnourished and die from starvation. Jesus was crucified on the cross for saying that he was the king of the Jews. Nobody could prove this man to be guilty, so why was he crucified? Why was his life wasted? In the twenty and twenty first century the use of the death penalty is much more infrequent due to many protests about its wide use in 1967 where the United Nations found that it was widely used. ...read more.


The abolitionist countries were widely scattered, including, for example, the Philippines and Namibia, but were mostly to be found in Europe and Latin America. Although the number of abolitionist states had doubled since the previous survey in 1967, the UN found unwavering official support for capital punishment in many countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Islamic law (the sharia) imposes capital punishment for certain offences, and capital punishment is enforced in those countries where the sharia forms the legal code, and in many countries where the sharia is drawn on as the basis for the legal code. Capital punishment has long been the subject of dispute. While proponents argue that it is a necessary deterrent to the most serious crime, more so than the alternative of life imprisonment, opponents argue either that it is in violation of the human right to life or that inevitable miscarriages of justice will lead to the execution of innocent people. Furthermore, a careful review of the research evidence suggests that capital punishment has no greater deterrent effect than life imprisonment. ...read more.


In these states people are scared to do wrong incase they face the death penalty. I believe that the death penalty is wrong because if you hand someone the death penalty it is just as bad as the crime they have committed themselves. The death penalty should be abolished in those remaining states in America; due to it being a huge powerful country with good prisons. It doesn't look good if the death penalty is still been imposed in a modern economical country. As for the counties, which don't have a good law ,system they should start to imprison those suspected of committing violent crimes, too many people are being murdered because of things that they haven't been proven guilty off. I think that the death penalty should be abolished, it was save lives, humiliation, if later found out that they didn't do it and it would make people afraid of going to jail for the rest of their lives. Do you want to be killed knowing you didn't commit the crime? Do you? ...read more.

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