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"The Demands Jesus makes of his disciples are far too difficult for modern day Christians"

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"The Demands Jesus makes of his disciples are far too difficult for modern day Christians" Today in our modern community it is much harder to be a disciple than it was in Jesus time. To be called to follow someone is impossible. In Mark Jesus calls James and John to follow him, he says 'Come with me and I will teach you to catch men'. We could not to that today. People today have far too many responsibilities, far more than the Christians of Jesus time. Then the world was very simple, you could be content being a fishermen, about the only thing that you had to worry about was the taxman, to be asked to follow Jesus, with the result of rewards in a future life, mustn't have seemed half as bad as it does now. Christians of today have many responsibilities. For example many of them have a big family and a wife. ...read more.


This would be very difficult because we would have leave so much behind so many loved ones. It is hard enough for us, but one must think about how the family will feel once they have died, surely it is not worth suffering for yourself and for your family? It is also extremely hard to put yourself last 'forget self'. It is natural to put yourself in front of everyone else, to look after and to make sure that you get a good life. There have been a few exceptions in WW1, Maxmillion Kolbe died for a fellow citizen because that person had a wife and kids. Not only did he die for someone but he put himself last. Another brave man, who died for God and Jesus, was Oscar Romeo he was killed in 1980 while preaching about social justice. But on the positive side there are many things a Christian can do to be a disciple. We can be called 'a vocation' just like the nuns and priests have. ...read more.


For example everyone can raise public awareness about the tragedies that are happening in the third world countries, and most people can donate some money to charities such as CAFOD. But I feel it is impossible for a modern Christian to be a true disciple, because we have far too many responsibilities. I couldn't give up all that time an effort to be a disciple and no way could I leave my family and home behind. I have huge respect toward anyone who has accomplished this magnificent feat. We all can keep the 10 commandments we can still be close to god via such things as prayer and going to church, reading the bible will also be away of communicating with god. Even though a lot of people look on those that preach on the streets as a little odd. We can still pass on the gospel message, by leading a good life, following the basic commandments and showing the way forward to others. You don't need to be as dedicated as Peter to be a disciple, he was just a very good one ...read more.

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