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"The Design Argument fails because of its weaknesses" Examine and comment on this claim

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"The Design Argument fails because of its weaknesses" Examine and comment on this claim The Design Argument does fail due to its weaknesses, it is lacking in factual and substantial evidence to prove its theories. It puts forward a lot of ideas and claims however they are not justified well enough; the only true fact is that you have to believe them. I feel it is correct to claim that it fails due to the amount of criticising evidence against the theories for the existence of God. The main philosopher to criticise and object to the Teleogical Argument was David Hume. He looked at every point towards the existence towards a creator and designer and then thought logically about the condemnation and came up with rebuttals. He realised that most of the arguments put forward just relied on the reader to use their faith and belief to consider it and assume it was correct with no real evidence, just connections and assumptions. The first objection he made was about the theory where Paley uses his analogy about a watch. Hume clearly uses his logic here by describing his own example of a human hair. ...read more.


Hume then evaluates the fire and smoke theory from Paley and once again finds another weakness, which is a theory based upon assumption and prediction. Paley says that we know that fire causes smoke therefore every time we see smoke we know it is from a fire. He then links it to say that a designer has created the world because things have been designed. However if we have never seen the world created by a designer then how do we know it was? Yes, the fire and smoke part is true because we have actually witnessed smoke caused by fire and we know from science and evidence that smoke is always caused by fire. Yet if no one has seen the world created of even the creator himself, then how can we say that he created it? Furthermore we do not know that everything was designed either, just because things seem to look designed does not mean they are? If trees were upside down from the beginning and then we come to this point in time, it would be probable that the theories would still be the same and many Philosophers would have declared that everything has been designed. ...read more.


Earth. However Hume contradicts this by saying that this does not necessarily mean that it was designed. Paley keeps trying to say that everything was designed even though the problem of evil clearly overpowers his hypothesis. Hume adds to this by saying that why can't the Earth have been like this naturally? Stuart Mill also agrees with this, saying that if there is evidence of a designer which would consequently prove the case for a superior being, it would then mean the designer could not have been all powerful and loving as people suffer hence this contradicts other theories about God being all loving and caring. Dawkins also rejects any design in the world and variations and he gives the reasoning down to DNA mistakes, which is considered a mutation, and DNA mistakes occurs quite a lot. In conclusion I believe that the Design Argument fails due to the substantial evidence against it. I do not think that the proof for the existence of God can overcome this due to the fact that there are no conclusive facts. It is incorrect to say that the Design Argument proves the existence of God because it is not accurate and just based upon bias theories and assumptions. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nick Gibson Philosophy Miss Newton Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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