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The Design Argument For The Existence Of God

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The Design Argument For The Existence Of God This argument is also called the teleological argument, it argues that the universe did not come around by mere chance, but some one or something designed it. This thing was God. This argument is a prosteriori because the observation of the natural world is taken into the mind to conclude that there is a designer. The belief that the universe was designed by God was triggered by things like the four seasons; summer, spring, autumn and winter, that change through the year. The adaption of the human body and the structure of earths natural things. All of this had to of been designed to make the universe come into order, have a purpose and regularity. Because the world is so complexed and in order, God is believed to have so much power and is omnipotent to have designed the universe. Such natural things such as trees, grass and flowers are each individual. Everything is a part of everything else, Einstein thought that everything is connected to have a specific purpose on earth. If everything was all muddled up then they wouldn't work properly. For example; a car would not drive if the engine and other parts of the car were not fitted right. ...read more.


This being must have been God. The argument against the design argument for God is 'Evolution'. Evolution is the process from where human life and other creations have evolved from the earliest and most primitive organisms to evolve to what they are now. Charles Darwin challenged the design argument with revolutionised thoughts that species, including human beings have developed to become what they are now. Darwin did not refer to God in this argument. The way that the evolution was described was as if humans had come from a long chain of different species, this species was believed to have been apes. This ape was had to have evolved from a species of mammal; the mammal had evolved from a descended reptile, which the reptile in the past had been a fish and the fish would have been the origin of all life forms and a simple bacterium. It was also trying to be proven that humans have evolved from apes because apes and humans have to same tail bone in the bottom of their back. 'The survival of the fittest' was also another way that Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin explained part of the evolutionary process. This meant that the strongest or healthiest life form was the one that had the advantage of living on in the world. ...read more.


For example; the DNA from a reptile and the DNA from a mammal together may form a new kind of species. I believe that the world could have developed from both the teleological argument and evolution. The designer of the universe could have been God, however, the creation of life on the universe could have been up to the facts of evolution. 'Darwinism and the Anthropic Principle' believed that 'Nature produces living beings but with fine tuning that is found in the universe; life could just as easily not developed into earth' I think that this quote is trying to say that the universe has been developed by evolution and was created by God, a designer. But if God had not created the universe for beings to be evolved onto then evolution may not have been possible. If the world is compared to a machine, then some one had to make that machine for other people control it. This is my other point to say that God created the universe but evolution had developed the universe into what it is now. So, to conclude I think that evolution and the teleological argument are both at fault for the designing of the universe, taking over from each other to form human beings and the solar system. By Emma Milligan ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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