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The Diary of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank Kevin Jensen English I believe that literature such as "The Diary of Anne Frank" does not prevent tragedies or acts of hate from taking place but help to educate and help to deal with hate and racism. When such events do occur, the literature does come into play by grabbing people's attention and showing them how far racism can go, and how terrible it can become. ...read more.


that they put them into interment camps keeping them under severe surveillance, taking them away from their homes and businesses. The U.S. did apologize for the actions taken against the Japanese. I think the U.S. apologized because literature has taught that any type of racism hurts and that apologies should be presented and that we should face racism and hate. Neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Clan, All-American Boys, these are just some of the hate groups that exist today and the number of members are increasing at an appalling rate. ...read more.


The recent number of hate groups on the Internet has sparked an increasing amount of anti-hate groups, which monitor hate activity on the web. The Anti Defamation League is one of the leading organizations trying to keep children away from hate material. In conclusion, works of literature such as "The Diary of Anne Frank" will not prevent hate and racism from happening but literature will raise awareness of hate and racism and maybe the hate and racism will recede from culture and prejudice will become sparsely heard about in the future due to literature. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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