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The different ways some objects are used differently in either type of worship. The two denominations that I am going to write about are the Baptist church (found in maghull) and St George's church (also found in maghull).Maghull Baptist Church

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Thomas Beech R.E Coursework For the first part of this coursework assignment I am going to write about two different Christian denominations and show differences in the two buildings were all worship is carried out, and the different ways some objects are used differently in either type of worship. The two denominations that I am going to write about are the Baptist church (found in maghull) and St George's church (also found in maghull). Maghull Baptist Church Maghull Baptist Church, this building, used for worship is very simple and quite plain in design, because of this the church can afford to donate more money to charities and other useful things like entertaining younger 'believers', making it easier to teach the 'new breed' of Baptised believers how to live their lives properly but without completely following 'the ways of Jesus'. The church was built to simply fulfil the principal functions of meeting together for worship, the teaching and preaching of gods word and to be able to baptise believers easily. There is a changeable stage situated at the front of the church which is the minister-: Reverend Stuart Davison leads masses/meetings, the stage can also be used for dance, drama and other various activities throughout the church year. ...read more.


Inside the Catholic Church there are many different things that are not used inside the Baptist church, I will list a three of these below: Stained glass windows- Stained glass windows replace the normal windows in a church, these windows are situated around the walls of the church and show the stations of the cross. The crucifix- Placed above the tabernacle so that everybody can see it. The crucifix is there to remind people of the suffering of Jesus. The lady chapel- This is a statue of Mary in an alcove at the back of the church. Many people light candles in front of the statue and pray to her. Theses three things would not be found in a Baptist church and are used regularly in a mass. Thomas Beech 10H Question 3 In response to the question of should money that is spent on maintaining and building special places of worship be used to help to erase poverty in poorer countries would be positive because I believe that n e one person can help to erase poverty so the money that would be raised by not building large buildings, when it is completely inappropriate, would immensely compensate a lot more people in less privileged countries helping with food, housing etc. ...read more.


These people often have high office jobs or believe in religions like Hinduism which is a completely different faith to the Christian faith. Private worship is often performed alone. Public worship Public worship is the same as private worship except for the facts that: * Public worship takes place in a church, on the street etc. * Public worship is often performed in groups rather than alone. * And people who worship publicly go to church often. Public worship often appeals more to those people who have lived their lives in as much of a holy way as they could. Many people who choose to worship publicly are often old age pensioners. 2 Differences between these two Christian denominations are: * Baptists believe that sermons should be more fun than in a Christian church * Roman Catholic churches are usually large buildings with stained glass windows, meaning that more money is spent on the building rather than on charities amongst other things. Other than being different in a means of public and private worship the two can be split by the way a mass is carried out. In the Baptist church there is no set pattern to the mass and so this is called non liturgical worship while in St Georges R.C Church there is a set pattern and is known as liturgical worship. ...read more.

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