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The Divinity of Jesus Christ.

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The Divinity of Jesus Christ We believe that God had presented Himself in various ways but His two supreme revelations, the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ can test each of them. Let us first discuss the Bible. Unlike many other sacred writings the Bible claims unequivocally to be the Word of God. Most people concerned with the issue of Christ's divinity accept the Bible as inspired. So, for the purpose of this research, we are going to assume that the Bible is historically reliable. God's Word to us, and the one true guide for determining whether or not Christ is God incarnate. The vast majority of religious groups, which deny the deity of Christ, while giving lip service to the Bible usually, elevate other sacred writings, teachings or revelations to a position above the Bible. In doing so, they often deny or contradict the very thing they claim to uphold, the main historical source of all Jesus' teachings, the New Testament. The Bible claims to be the final authority for determining matters of doctrine. For Christians, any book or writing or teaching that would change the content of the Bible is to be rejected. ...read more.


Out of love, God took that step down to us. He wanted to open a way that all might come to know Him. The strongest argument for the deity of Christ is the one that most incensed Jesus' contemporaries. He took to Himself the Old Testament names and titles for God and also allowed others to call Him by the same names and titles. When Jesus called Himself by those titles of deity, it so angered the rulers of the Jews that they tried to kill Him for blasphemy. The Jewish authorities had no doubt. This Galilean teacher was claiming to be Almighty God. One could object, saying that Jesus' claiming those divine names and titles did not make Him and God one and the same. Several people may have the same name and title. Say, a certain Juan dela Cruz can be a man, husband, friend and vice president of sales all at the same time. Some names and titles, however, are exclusive and can be held for only one person. For example, there can be only one President of the Philippines at any one time. ...read more.


Instead, He received the worship as His due. In the letters to the Hebrews, the angels of God are told to worship Jesus. In the Book of Revelation, a whole section of praise and worship is devoted to Jesus and to God. In a powerful passage, Paul stated that at the name of Jesus every knee in heaven and earth would bow (implying worship) and confess that Jesus is Lord. The Son of God was worshiped through numerous acts in the New Testament, as He became the object of faith, hope and adoration. Many who deny the deity of Christ maintain that things like the Trinity or the two natures of Christ are impossible or unreasonable. Some would say that God could never have been nailed to a cross because God is Spirit or God would not offer Himself to Himself, or God cannot be born. Those statements ignore the fact of the incarnation, that it was the Son who offered Himself to the Father, that with God all things are possible. We should not let our concepts of what is reasonable or possible sit in judgment on what God has revealed. The issue is what God had said and not whether we understand it or not. TAN, JANET K. 1EMT ...read more.

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