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The Dorothy Project

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The Dorothy project The activity we had taken part in, was The Dorothy Project, which was about discussing and designing ideas to help the elderly. Then finally present them to the learning community that you were in. We all worked as a team in our advisory group, which is a group with all ages for year 7 to 13. Eventually 1 idea would be voted the best, which would then be presented to "Dragons Den". My Advisory come up with the idea of "Easy open cupboards", these would slide open easily and be placed low down so they are reachable for the elderly. The project involved everyone, including the teachers, pupils and even governors. ...read more.


It benefits Active Citizenship, due to it increasing our contact with people through out the community as the Dorothy Projects was advertised in magazines and articles. It brought us closer together and allowed us to work as a team. Personally, I believe the whole school learned a great deal from The Dorothy Project. It taught how to work as a team and to understand what thoughts younger and older people have towards situations like this. Not only that but overall I think it brought us all closer together and we learnt more about each other. The role, in which I played, was in the Marketing team. We come up with different ideas for logos and advertisements. ...read more.


I've also developed better relationships with teachers and other pupils around me. This project may help in future circumstances because it has taught me to respect people's opinions and ideas towards certain issues. I've learned how to discuss issues more detailed. This could possibly help me in my future job. Personally I found this a positive experience because I've learnt a lot form the discussions and people's opinions. I found the project ok in the 'fun' category because it didn't really interest me much in a great deal. In my opinion I think the students (including me), benefited most from this, as we have learnt to understand each other more. In the community I would say the elderly benefited from this idea, as we were discussing and designing something to help them in everyday life. ...read more.

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