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The Effects of Harmful Substances on Unborn Babies

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Brittany Kuzman Sister Marie Hubert Kealy Composition II 26 April 2005 The Effects of Harmful Substances on Unborn Babies Pregnancy is a delicate time for any woman. Healthy habits are needed for the best chances of having a healthy baby. Therefore, use of any dangerous substance, such as tobacco, illegal drugs and alcohol, is very dangerous for the welfare of the child, as well as for the mother. There are many devastating effects that these substances have on the baby. Harmful substances are harmful for the baby's health, as well as for the health of the mother. Anything that a pregnant woman consumes, whether it is what she eats, drinks, swallows or even breathes goes right through her bloodstream to the baby (DiLeo). ...read more.


Tobacco, just like the other dangerous substances, has an array of possible dangerous effects to the baby. These effects include miscarriage, premature birth, low birth rate, learning problems and possible later health problems. An extreme, but very possible effect of nicotine is abruption. This is when there is a premature separation of the placenta, which causes hemorrhaging which can result in the death of the baby and possibly death of the mother. Illegal drugs cause seriously detrimental effects on the fetus. These drugs include cocaine, crack, marijuana, heroin and other serious drugs. The use of these often lead to a miscarriage, still birth, premature birth, low birth rate, brain damage and different types of retardation. Often use of these drugs can cause the baby to become addicted to them. ...read more.


Even though fetal alcohol syndrome is associated with heavy drinking, any amount of alcohol consumed by someone pregnant is dangerous. It is important for the expecting mother to not drink any amount of alcohol at all. This is because the alcohol consumed goes to the baby, and therefore is consumed by the baby. The effects of dangerous substances on a pregnant woman and her unborn baby are detrimental. It is of such importance that a pregnant woman takes care of herself and her baby while pregnant. The uses of tobacco, drugs and alcohol can cause the baby to develop many developmental and behavioral problems, along with an increased possibility of miscarriage and still birth. When looking at the possible effects of substance abuse, and who they are hurting, it is crucial for a woman to take the proper care. ...read more.

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