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The Eucharist

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GCSE RS Coursework- The Eucharist The Orthodox Eucharist Service The Holy Eucharist is the oldest experience of Christian Worship as well as the most distinctive. Eucharist comes from the Greek word which means "thanksgiving." The word describes the most important form of the Church's attitude toward all of life. The origin of the Eucharist is traced to the Last Supper at which Christ instructed His disciples to offer bread and wine in His memory. The Eucharist is the most distinctive event of Orthodox worship because in it the Church gathers to remember and celebrate the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ. Before the Orthodox Eucharist service can take place, they believe that you must prepare yourself for "holy communion" because they believe it helps them to acquire the right attitude toward the Sacrament. St. Paul writes, "Let a man examine himself and so eat of that Bread and drink of that Cup" (1 Cor. 11:28). There are five stages: 1. Self-examination - It is believed that this should be done regularly by Christians in following God's path and is done to raise awareness and lead to improvement, it is especially important when approaching the chalice to receive communion. ...read more.


After the recitation of prayers and readings from the Bible, the presiding priest invites the faithful to receive communion, understood as sharing in the sacramental presence of Christ. At the Sunday liturgy the priest preaches a sermon or homily, applying the day's biblical texts to the present lives of believers. The church observes a liturgical calendar similar to that of other Christians, following a cycle of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. It also follows a distinctive cycle of commemoration of the saints. A distinguishing mark of Catholic worship is prayer for the dead. Distinctively Catholic doctrines on the Eucharist include the sacrificial nature of the Mass and transubstantiation. The unbloody sacrifice of the Mass is identified with the bloody sacrifice of the cross, in that both are offered for the sins of the living and the dead. Hence Christ is the same victim and priest in the Eucharist as he was on the cross. Transubstantiation, the belief that the substance of bread and wine is changed into the body and blood of Christ, was first spoken of at the Fourth Lateran Council (1215). The Eucharist is also known as Holy Communion The importance of Eucharist for Christians For most Christians today the Eucharist, or Lord's Supper or communion is a very special and important occasion where they remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. ...read more.


But I think that even though some older people like going along to the church anyway because that is enough fun for them. The church must appeal to the younger generation or risk loosing the next generation of Christians ect. However the church is doing more and more to keep up with the times for instance, the church is doing Sunday schools and family services so that more of the youth can be shown Christ's influence at an early age. Or to appeal to the younger generation's music like brining in electric guitars to church and this I believe is defiantly important to make kids more participant in church today. On the other side of the story we come to pray for the very reason that is in the prayer. "We have come together in the name of Christ to offer our praise and thanksgiving to hear and receive Gods word to pray for the needs of the world and to seek the forgiveness of our sins, that by the power of the holy spirit we may give ourselves to the service of God". In this prayer it shows that we come to prayer for the needs of others as well as ourselves. So we should be thinking of others and not worry about being bored. Thomas Graffin ...read more.

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