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The fashion industry lost an icon, with the death of Cressida Moss-Depp. Known for her evolutionary fashion deigns and undying desire to help others, she lived a varied life as everything

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Cressida-Sage Moss-Depp 1974-2004 The fashion industry lost an icon, with the death of Cressida Moss-Depp. Known for her evolutionary fashion deigns and undying desire to help others, she lived a varied life as everything from a high class socialite to a business woman, and a UN goodwill ambassador. The last years of her life were devoted to the children of the third world and endless mercy missions which in turn were the reason why her brief life was so dramatically ended. As result the world has lost a symbol of style, a fighter for peace and an 'angel of mercy'. She sipped tea with Mother Theresa, relaxed on Ralph Lauren's yacht and, on several occasions, found refuge at Mariuccia Mandelli's K Club on the Caribbean island of Barbuda. She attended Gianni Versace's funeral mass in Milan in July, where she was photographed holding hands with a grieving Elton John. Her friendships and acquaintances ranged from Tracy Emin, Bono and Yoko Ono to Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro and Tamil Eelam. ...read more.


Cressida left her mother's home and moved to New York with her father permanently when she was aged 12. Here she attended the prestigious Dwight All Girls Boarding School. She was a good student, graduating at 16. She then attended Cambridge University in England where she studied Graphic design and graduated at the age of 20. The following year she was chosen out of thousands of potential students to attend the elite London School of Fashion. Mixing in many elite celebrity circles she was living the high life and this was particularly apparent in the way she celebrated her 22nd birthday with 4 parties in New York, Las Vegas, Malibu and Miami. After a while this life style became too hectic for her and she decided to take time out. ' The lifestyle just didn't appeal to me anymore, I was sick of living like this and wanted to see different pars of the world'. She went to India where she volunteered in an orphanage in Calcutta for 2 months and it was here she first met Mother Theresa (whom she later declared 'avery dear friend'). ...read more.


Later on that year Cressida won her first prize for he humanitarian work, the Padma Shri award for distinguished service. She was the youngest person ever to receive such an award and donated the money from the prize to open several orphanages, all across India and Pakistan. Four months before her death she was awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and dedicated it to Mother Theresa. She was tragically killed during one of her many mercy missions to Africa. She had been due to meet Nelson Mandela when her car was travelling on a cliff, the driver was shot in the neck and Cressida along with her boyfriend of 7 years, Tom Cruise, plummeted 50 feet to their death. Her death was made a national mourning day throughout the world. "People related to her because she's a very compassionate person, and she was concerned for those who were vulnerable around the world, those with dire human needs. She reached out to them. She held them in her arms. ...She gave of herself. She was a passionate person who truly cared." Elizabeth Dole, American Red Cross President. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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