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The First thought on abortion.

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GCSE Assignment Abortion means Abortion can be described in two different situations one of which is a natural abortion which consists of the mother losing her child over natural reasons this is called a 'miscarriage'. The other type of abortion is deliberate abortion which mean's the mother deliberately asks for the baby to be killed because she doesn't want the baby, but sometimes even if it seems like its harsh it is considered by the doctors to be doing the right thing because sometimes if the baby is mentally damaged or unhealthy (not normal) the mothers sometimes don't want anything to do with their baby and ask for an abortion. According to the church teachings life starts at the moment of conception so if you have an abortion it is considered as murder, this goes against the church teachings and the ten commandments 'I shall not kill' and 'treat your neighbours as you would like to be treated'. The First thought on abortion There are different views to abortion. There are the Catholic people who are mostly against abortion. There are groups which favour this opinion and have their own point of view. If we put both of the groups together I'm sure that there are equal agreements and disagreements on the subject of abortion. Page 2 The 1967 Abortion Act The abortion act in 1967 came into effect on the 27 April 1968 and permits the termination of pregnancy. The 1967 act clearly states that if a woman were to have an abortion she could only have an abortion within the first twenty eight weeks of her pregnancy but this was later changed in 1990 by the Human Fertilization and Embryology act which reduced the time in which a legal termination was permitted to twenty four weeks. The Rules under the 1967 abortion act mean that only a licensed doctor can perform the procedures of abortion you would normally find a doctor that will do the abortions in a NHS Hospital or a licensed clinic near your local area. ...read more.


Dilation and Evacuation normally includes a mixture of Vacuum aspiration, dilation and curettage and a use of a medical apparatus called forceps. An ultrasound is done before the Dilation and Evacuation is carried out to make sure the size of uterus and how long the pregnancy is. A laminaria is then inserted into the cervix twenty four hours before the operation takes place to help reduce any type of injury to the cervix during the operation. A laminaria is a small tube created from dried seaweed. It absorbs the tissues around the cervix and swells up, which slowly opens up the cervix without going through an enormous amount of pain. During the operation it starts of with the vacuum aspiration procedure, a hollow tube is slowly placed into the uterus. The vacuum machine is then turned on and the baby. The patient will experience some cramping during this operation. The Dilation and curettage method is next, a tool known as the curette is used to scrape the lining of the uterus and Page 6 Remove tissue. This is were the Dilation and Evacuation really comes into the operation, the doctor will pass the forceps into the uterus to grasp any large pieces of the foetus. To finish the operation vacuum aspiration is repeated to make sure that the baby is completely remove. Here is a picture of babies which have had an abortion. Medical Abortions This is another method of abortion other than surgical abortions. These methods are fairly new to our day and age. The medical method is used to terminate the pregnancy. This is a very similar way to a miscarriage. The RU-486 is used for this situation. If the baby is old enough to be born alive the woman will be given a medication to cause her to go into an early labour and once the baby is born it will be given a lethal injection. ...read more.


then that's when life starts so the church believes that it is a full human being. The life has been given to the fertilised egg and has its rights to life just like its mother, This means that the baby's mother nor the doctors or any human life can rightfully with no regrets take the innocent life of a human being, God created us in his image and likeness so it is just right that only God can take live away from us. Christians believe that the whole world was created by God and all living things were given life by God. This shows that all human being have the responsibility to care for one another and the world around them. All humans have there own rights but doesn't the fertilised egg have its own rights too it has been given life from the moment of conception so this means that the egg also has the same rights as all human life but how can the egg become human. When do you become human? The egg would never become human if not human already. Christians also believe that murder is once and for all forbidden; so even as the child lies in the mother's womb and is still being created then it's not our right to destroy it. Even the pope (John Paul the second) agrees that abortion is a crime he says 'abortion is an unspeakable crime'. Also The Church teaches that there can never be any reasons, however tragic to justify the deliberate killing of an innocent human being. Page 10 How Roman Catholics might put their beliefs to solve the issue about abortion The Catholic Church has always condemned abortion. Whatever the reasons for people might have for wanting to kill an unborn child, there is always an alternative to having an abortion. Here are some solutions to not having an abortion and killing an innocent life created by God and how Christians can put there beliefs into action on the issue of abortion. 1. ...read more.

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