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The following is the standard order of service in a Church of Ireland baptism. It is usually performed during an otherwise ordinary Sunday service.

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RE Baptism Coursework Part A - Order of Service The following is the standard order of service in a Church of Ireland baptism. It is usually performed during an otherwise ordinary Sunday service. The Introduction is the very first part of the sacrament of baptism. During this part of the service, the minister asks the parents and Godparents (sponsors) some questions concerning bringing up the child as a Christian. The questions are: * "Will you bring up this child as a Christian within the family of the church?" * "Will you help him to be regular in public worship and in private prayer, by your teaching, by your example and by your prayers for him?" * "Will you encourage him to come in due course to Confirmation and Holy Communion?" In response to each of these questions, the sponsors say "We will" The next part of the service is the Ministry of the Word. This usually involves two New Testament readings, usually ones concerned with baptism or the special relationship between Jesus and children. These readings are usually either Romans 6:3-4, Matthew 28:18-19 or Mark 10:13-16. On some occasions a short sermon follows these readings. The third part of the baptism service is called the Ministry of the Sacrament, and involves the sponsors confessing their own faith and the actual baptism of the child. ...read more.


It is significant that the sponsors reply "I will, by God's help". This shows that the sponsor is admitting he or she cannot "...renounce the devil and all his works" without the help of God. The water in the font is now blessed. Christians believe that this, while not changing the water physically, causes the Holy Spirit to enter the water and turn it into something much more special. Now that the water is blessed, the child is named and the baptism ceremony occurs. The Holy water is poured onto the head of the baby. This represents cleansing, but because the water has been blessed it does not just clean dirt, it also cleanses the baby of all sins. This use of water dates back to the very first days of Christianity, when John the Baptist baptised people in the River Jordan (although that ceremony is much more similar to believer's baptism). The use of water also represents life and revival. As the minister carries the child up the church, he makes the sign of the cross on the forehead of the child. This shows that the child has been marked as belonging to God, and is important because every other member of the church bears the same mark. It is almost like the logo of a club or society, and the child has just become the latest member. ...read more.


Christian values will help him to be a helpful and constructive member of society. Secondly, I know you yourself attend church regularly and have been baptised, so you know how special a day it is to your family and how significant it is that the church accepts you as a member. Many people may argue that baptism is pointless, that it's all in the mind of the parents and nothing happens to the child, but I believe that the baptism of a child is a very important moment in their life when the Holy Spirit enters them and Jesus forgives their sins. Other people may argue that believer's baptism is the best for everyone, because it allows the sponsor to make the decision whether or not to be baptised, not the parents. However, I disagree, because even if Jimmy is baptised at an early age, he can make the decision later in his life whether or not to be confirmed and become a full member of the church. So, the choice is yours Jane, but I strongly recommend that Jimmy be baptised. However, if you don't want him baptised then don't do it, there's no pressure on you. Do whatever you think will be best for Jimmy. Yours sincerely, Peter Knipe Peter Knipe 11D RE Coursework ...read more.

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