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The Good Corn - review.

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The Good Corn By: Kristi Bryson In a patriarchal society, a woman's role is to give birth to a child and nurture and care for it until it grows big enough to move out. The wife in the family is also supposed to do all the household chores such as cooking, cleaning, looking after the children and washing. What is a male's role? A stereotypical man is supposed to find a woman and impregnate her and get a job to support the family, so in other words, bring home the money. Usually, when a young female comes into the scene of a married couple, straight away you would think that there was going to be a love triangle between the husband and the young female. What reasons would give you this thought? Probably other books you may have read or other movies and possibly personal experience. In the short story, The Good Corn a combination of a patriarchal society and a love triangle is used with a bit of a twist. The Good Corn was set in the 1950's and at that time a housewife is what females were taught to grow up as because males were ...read more.


always seen as a kind natured middle aged woman who would do anything for a child for her to take care of, even if it wasn't her own. "Don't come near me. I'm no good to you. You should have found someone else, not me." This one sentence that Mrs. Mortimer said proved that she was mentally ill and showed that she was isolating Mr. Mortimer which led him to cheat on Mrs. Mortimer with the hired young female named Elsie. Elsie was shown as being the quiet and submissive type and we feel that she doesn't convey her feelings much and we think of her as a good person who could be taken advantage of easily. That would be the readers' first impression of her because when she came for the interview her mother was answering all the questions for her and her mother would ask straight forward questions to Elsie like "You want to work in the fresh air don't you, Elsie?" This isn't the impression we keep for Elsie the whole way through the story though, as Elsie's first impression seems to change. ...read more.


Strangely enough she accepts that Mr. Mortimer cheated on her but she also accepts to have Elsie's baby and care for it, one to call her own. In a way this is acceptable because all Mr. Mortimer has ever wanted throughout her middle aged years is a baby, although in society back then, it was very unacceptable and rude to just give away your baby as it is a treasure to females. These days it would be fine though because there are adoption centres and orphanages and other child caring places. All the characters in The Good Corn either give out the stereotype of their character or the reverse. Our values and beliefs change our attitude to certain people in the world. What you believe is how you act. When you read the text of The Good Corn, it is up to you to feel how you feel about certain characters. For example if you were religious you would think what Elsie has done is offensive but if you didn't believe in religion at all you would have nothing against what Elsie has done. Therefore, it is very difficult to explain attitudes towards Mr. Mortimer, Mrs. Mortimer and Elsie because different people who read the text will interpret it in their own way. ...read more.

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