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The history of the Jews is a history of frequent prejudice, discrimination and persecution. Why in your opinion, have Jews suffered so much persecution during their history?

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The history of the Jews is a history of frequent prejudice, discrimination and persecution. Why in your opinion, have Jews suffered so much persecution during their history? In my opinion I believe that people should be free to practise their religion wherever they live. During their time on earth Jews have suffered from constant persecution from the Egyptians (c. 1300 BC), the Greeks, Romans and Christians. The greatest persecution that the Jews have faced came in the form of the Holocaust. The Holocaust occurred when, in 1933, in Germany the National socialist party (Nazi) came to power. Adolph Hitler was the leader of this party. The Nazis had two aims to achieve the first being to produce arms; train men ready for war and the second to blame all of the countries problems on the Jews. Nazi propaganda claimed that the Jews ran the banks, had a monopoly on all the professions and were plotting with the communists to take over the country. ...read more.


They call themselves "the chosen people". As well they believe that they have been given a homeland by God and so worship the one true God. This then separates them more from every one else as well, although some say that Jews are meant to separate and special e.g. the Kashrut. Jews have a very different way of life to others. For instance their views on marriage and children has sometimes led to over population which would be considered a major problem for a country such as ours with an already high population. Some would say that the way the Jews live their lives according to their religion might have many drawbacks. The over population of a country caused the Egyptian pharaoh to order the deaths of all Jewish baby boys. Also now in Israel both the Arabs and the Jews are trying to over-populate the land adding to the already high-tension levels. A result of this over-population is the use of a large quantity of the country resources and so the host country resents this because after all they are foreigners. ...read more.


With the religious festivals the Jews would usually have to take the day off however they could be forced to stay in work by the government if they were a doctor or nurse. This restricts them from practising their beliefs. Sikhs for instance will not wear a crash helmet when riding a motorbike because of there turban, this could be argued to be a danger to the person and so it is in the well being of the person to obey the law. It shouldn't matter that someone's beliefs are different we should all have equal rights and show each other a certain level of tolerance. Not being prejudice towards someone just because their views are different to yours, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and religious beliefs. Even though some countries will not allow the people to have the freedom to practice whatever religion they believe in I think that hear in Britain we should always be tolerant and in the end I think that it would make the world a better place. ...read more.

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