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The holy table standing at the front of the church is usually very easily noticed, as it is quite large and decorated with many carvings of Christian importance.

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The Church The holy table standing at the front of the church is usually very easily noticed, as it is quite large and decorated with many carvings of Christian importance. The holy/communion table also known in other churches as the altar stands at a prominent position on a raised area known as the sanctuary. Raised above the normal floor level this helps magnify the importance and sacredness of the holy table giving it a somewhat honorable feel when the time comes to approach it. The rails surrounding the holy table are known as communion rails this is where the congregation may kneel when they receive their holy communion. As the Christian calendar moves on through the year it becomes appropriate to change the special cloths that are commonly draped over the holy table, white for Christmas, green for Trinity, purple for Lent/Advent and red for Pentecost/Saints' Days. ...read more.


Not many people like to do things with the bare essentials e.g. coursework, a pen and paper is all you need but its better to have a tutor, going to sleep, better a soft bed than a hard floor and eating your dinner is much more pleasant if the food is warm and has not been given time to cool down. People will conform if they have reason to believe it is a good thing, that more is done than is truly necessary. For example if a church were to make itself somewhat better more modern and less conventional they may be able to attract more young people. People who live through life alone but could be better off with guidance and if the church brings people in they can help with this. That is the first thing to change its not the building but by changing some aspects of the church more people are likely to attend. ...read more.


Another thing that should be changed is breakfast I feel that the church should offer breakfast with doughnuts and other tasty morsels to munch upon at that time and also at the break in the long service I am about to suggest (there should be a break in the long service) or maybe even having shorter services and at the end everyone should get together up at the holy table (or elsewhere if that's to holy to feast at) and have a buffer. If the church were to do one last thing and just make the music better (not that I hate church music) if it was just a little easier to enjoy and the services were more relevant, then the church would be a great place to go. All these things are not essential but its better to be comfortable in your surroundings and enjoy what you're doing rather than being uncomfortable and cold and resenting the wretched people that dragged you there to listen to this dull man droning on about something you're not that interested in. ...read more.

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