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The issue of abortion.

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Dominic Flynn - Discursive Essay - Abortion Abortion is the removal from the womb of a growing foetus (an unborn child in the womb). The issue of abortion has created lots of arguments and discussions throughout the world on whether it is right or wrong. It is an issue that affects thousands of people every year. It is something that puts major pressure on people, especially woman, to make a decision on abortion. It is a very sensitive subject, which cannot be discussed without feelings, opinions and morals being involved. I have decided to discuss the issues of abortion in this essay, as it is a major topic with many different opinions in which I would like to research and find out more about. Although there are many arguments both for and against abortion, I have chosen three main reasons on either side to give a balanced view. In 1967 the Abortion Act was passed in parliament. The Abortion Act said that an abortion may be performed legally if 'the operation was carried out by a registered doctor in ...read more.


Another issue, which could be considered, is the health of the mother and the baby. The mother may be either too young or too old to cope physically with the pregnancy. Some people feel that doctors should be able to offer a woman an abortion if they know that continuing the pregnancy might put her life at risk. The mother may have an illness, which would interfere with pregnancy or even cause health problems for the baby. Technology now allows doctors to examine the baby before birth, in the womb. This could result in finding out if the baby has any illnesses or disabilities. A baby who is born handicapped can often put a strain on an entire family, and some mothers feel that it wouldn't be fair to put their baby through a lifetime of pain. Therefore, they decide to have an abortion. In special cases, it is generally felt that abortion should be available to help young women who have been sexually assaulted or victims of incest. ...read more.


However the Roman Catholic Church does preach an attitude of love and support, not condemnation, for those who have had an abortion. Many people also believe that abortion is an easy and a "quick fix" way of getting rid of an unwanted baby. They think that because abortion is so readily available that woman do not take the possibility of pregnancy seriously enough. Furthermore they feel that some woman take advantage of the availability of abortions and are more careless about contraception than they would otherwise be. In conclusion, having looked at both sides of the argument, I believe that abortion is wrong under many circumstances, for example using it as a means of contraception or getting rid of a responsibility for financial reasons. I feel that abortions are necessary in many circumstances such as when the mother or baby's life is in danger. Finally, in my opinion, it is a woman's right to choose what happens to her body and she should be able to decide for herself if she wants to have a child or not. WORD COUNT: 1,073 ...read more.

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