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The Jewish home is more important in sustaining Judaism than the synangogue. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer

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Thursday 27th September 2001 E The Jewish home is more important in sustaining Judaism than the synangogue. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer. In my essay I have been asked to decide if the jewish home is more important in sustaining judaism than the synagogue. In my own opinion, I think that the home has more importance than the synagoue, when sustaining judaism. Some people may not agree with me because they suggest that the synagogue is more important in sustaining judaism. People may think that it is more important because there is a rabbi available who many be able to adivse and assit with any quieriers they have. ...read more.


Also the synagogue has a bimah, the desk on which the Rabbi reads readings of the Torah Scrolls from. In addition many festivals are held at the synangoue. Such as rosh hashanah, Simchat torah. On yom kippur some jews may spend the full day there. Thus adding to the importance of the synagoguee, it is important for key events such as weddings, bar mitzah, bat mitzah and circumsion ( brit milah) Although I agree with many of the arguments, I still think that the home has more importance in sustaining Judaism. In the home the key family members such as parents and grandparents teach children about Judaism and its importance. ...read more.


Sabbath is a remenider of the ten commandments. Another point I have thought about is that the circumsion is peformed in the home. Circumsion is essential and neccasary because of the commandment made by abraham and God, since then all Jewish men have undertook the circumsion. The home is also a sanctuary to practice Judaism. They feel more at peace and open at home, they feel more at ease, and they would'nt b critised for practicing there religion at home. In conculusion some people think that the synagogue is more important in sustaining Judaism. However I still think the home is more important, with all the idea's I have already discussed. Judaism still exsists in the home when people can't get to the synangogue ...read more.

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