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The Jewish Home Is More Important In Sustaining Judaism Then The Synagogue. Do You Agree?

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A03 "The Jewish Home Is More Important In Sustaining Judaism Then The Synagogue." Do You Agree? Some Jews believe that the home is more important in sustaining Judaism then the Synagogue because it is at home where Jews are the majority of the time and it is the home where children learn from the parent's practise. For example, many of the mitzvot are practised in the home and this is where the children will learn them, not at the Synagogue. Kashrut laws and the Niddah or purity laws are some of the laws followed at home, however these are negative mitzvah so may not be observed by Reform Jews, as these mitzvah have no apparent reason. Other practices followed at home include some rites of passage and some festivals. Every week Jews celebrate the festival of Shabbat, mainly at home spending time as a family learning Hebrew and different laws and teaching. At Passover, the whole family is involved and the youngest child asks four questions during the celebration. ...read more.


The Synagogue's different names showing the different functions of the Synagogue, for example Shul showing it as a place of learning, Bet Ha Knesset or house of assembly showing it as a social place and Bet Hatephilsh which means house of prayer. All these names show the Synagogues role in Jewish community. As with home important rites of passage and festivals are performed at the Synagogue such as, the Bat Mitzvah which is entrance of boys aged 13 into Judaism. A key part of the ceremony is reciting the Torah so this must be performed at the Synagogue. In addition, the Pidyon HaBen or redemption of the firstborn must be performed with a Minyan of 10 men and the only place where this is guaranteed is the Synagogue. Important festivals include Yom Kippur which is a 25 hour fast, most of which is spent at the Synagogue praying and reading from the Torah and Simchat Torah where one cycle of reading the Torah is completed and the Torah paraded around the Synagogue. ...read more.


Similarly at the Synagogue is the Sefer Torah, which is necessary for many services and for true Torah study, as though people will have a copy at home it will be a simple translation not a full Hebrew one as, said by God. Two other things you can only find at a synagogue are rabbinic advice and social gathering. The rabbinic advice is very important as it helps people to know what is the right Jewish thing to do. The social events bring the community together making it stronger and happier. All of these things make the Synagogue very important in Jewish society. In conclusion, the synagogue is a very important part of Jewish society but I think the home is more important in sustaining Judaism as through Jewish persecution and the lack of Synagogues Judaism has survived and grown. However, I think the Synagogue is an important part of this as it is the place where many services are performed and a place of community and learning. Jamilla Miriam Flaherty 11Hg 27/10/2007 Jamilla Miriam Flaherty 11Hg 27/10/2007 ...read more.

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