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The Kingdom of God in St Marks Gospel. The first idea, St Marks gospel teaches us about the K.O.G is that we should turn away from sin

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The Kingdom of God in St Marks Gospel. The first idea, St Marks gospel teaches us about the K.O.G is that we should turn away from sin and believe in the good news. In Mark chapter 1 verse 15 we read, "Turn away from you sins and believe in the Good news." This teaches me or tells me that I need to turn away from sin, do what is right and then listen to what Jesus has to say. The second idea given in St Mark's gospel is that to get into the K.O.G I have to listen to the message, accept it and put it into action. At the start of chapter 4 in St Marks Gospel, Jesus tells the Parable of the Sower. "A man is scattering seeds. Some seeds fell on a path, and did not grow. Birds then came along and ate them. Some seeds landed on rocky ground and grew a bit but not much, because when the sun came out they were shrivelled. Some seeds landed in bushes and grew, but were choked by the thorns. Where as the seeds that landed on good soil grew and produced good corn." The understanding behind this parable is as follows. The seeds that land on the path are people whom just don' wont to know about the K.O.G. and they will not accept it, and they become easy targets for the devil. ...read more.


The mustard seed starts to grow, just like the K.O.G., as more people believe the message. The mustard seed then grows o be the biggest plant and birds come to nest in its branches. This is like the K.O.G. The K.O.G. becomes very large and with many followers, people from all different countries and backgrounds, just like the mustard seed. Another idea that we get from the K.O.G. in St Marks gospel is that to enter the K.O.G. we should receive the K.O.G. like a child and that the K.O.G belongs to people like these. In chapter 10 verses 13-16, some people brought children to Jesus. The disciples told them to go away and leave. When Jesus heard this he was very angry. "Let the children come to me, and do not stop them, because the K.O.G. belongs to such as these. I will assure you whoever does not receive the K.O.G. like a child will never enter it." Jesus then laid hands on the children. When Jesus is saying this he means that we have to accept the K.O.G. like a child. A child believes things with belief and excitement. When a child is told and sees that something is true it is very hard to tell he or she otherwise. When you tell a child "I'll tell you a secrete" he or she will keep pestering you to find out what it is. In the same way should we accept the K.O.G. ...read more.


When he tells the man you are not far from the K.O.G. he is saying that anyone you knows this and keeps this is not far from the K.O.G. In St Marks Gospel we can learn a lot about the K.O.G. What we will get when we get there, how we can get there, how we can become of more importance in the K.O.G., what the K.O.G. is like. If I want to get into the K.O.G. I have to listen and put what is said into action. I must show my faith in areas of darkness to express my faith, do work for the K.O.G as I will be judge on what I do for it, I must love the lord with all my hart and with all my soul with all my mind and all with all my strength and love my neighbour, as I love myself. We also know what the K.O.G is, it is a growing mustard seed that will be the biggest off all. I know what I give up for the K.O.G. in this world I will receive 100 times more in the K.O.G. It is also hard for a rich man to enter the K.O.G. because they have a lot more to lose in this world. You can learn a lot about the K.O.G. in St Marks Gospel and it is a very interesting topic. ...read more.

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