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The Kingdoms of God.

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John Eaton 10PT RE Coursework The Kingdoms of God Section A Part i To the Jews back in the time of Jesus the kingdom of God meant Gods power and authority, and the Kingdom would be on earth when people accepted God and he would establish his reign on earth, and he would send a messiah to lead them to victory against the command of the foes. Jesus had a different idea than this. Jesus believed that the kingdom of god meant changing peoples ideas about humanity through his teachings, and that the earth would be Gods kingdom when everyone loved there neighbour and followed the ten commandments. The early Christians and apostles though very similarly to this, but they also believed that the kingdom of god was a reward for being faithful to Jesus and they would be rewarded with eternal life. In Marks gospel Jesus passes on gods message through parables such as the parable of the sower where Jesus said "a farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. ...read more.


In this parable the owner represents god. The servants he sends represent the prophets. His son represents the messiah, and the tenants represent the Jewish leaders. Jesus told this parable to get the message that when god sends his son, the messiah, that he would be rejected and arrested by the Jewish leaders for spreading the news of god. In the parable of the lamp on the stand the message behind it is like gods message is like a lamp, you don't hide the lamp where no light can be seen, you put it in the centre of the room were all the light is given of and it is not wasted, in the same way gods message should not be stored in a corner and ignored, it should be put in the open, where it can be seen by everyone. In the parable of the Growing seed the message is that the seed germinates and sprouts, it springs up and grows in a manner that the man cannot describe. This is like gods Kingdom, it grows and grows but we cannot tell how or why. ...read more.


Section B God's kingdom on earth relates to a time when everyone follows the most important commandments as stated by Jesus in Mark 12:29-31, Love god and love thy neighbour, and we follow the other ten commandments, this means that there would be no crime, such as murder, robbery or rape. There would still be illness but people would care for each other, so there would be no problems there. No, the Earth will never be god's kingdom as long as racism child abuse crime and prejudisem is aloud to continue, and people disrespect each other, and no one pays any attention to the Ten Commandments, or god's message. The earth at the moment has problems like war, terrorism, rape, murder, stealing, vandalism and racism, which is ignoring the message of love thy neighbour so gods kingdom cannot arrive on earth yet in my opinion Yes, the earth can become gods Kingdom. I agree with this statement as if people learn to respect each other and love thy neighbour then all war would stop, and terrorism and all forms of crime would disappear and gods reign would be established ...read more.

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