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The Last Supper.

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The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci was already a well known artist when he created his masterpiece The Last Supper. He painted it on the wall of the Dominican, in oil. It took him four years to complete - 1495 to 1498 Leonardo da Vinci was working based on the few known documents which describe this meal. However this is not a direct account of the last supper as Da Vinci has changed the scene to create a more interesting picture. Some of these are quite obvious such as the fact that the feast was meant to take place at night whereas Da Vinci has set it in the as you can see through the windows behind the table. This gives better light to his painting. ...read more.


He adjusted the situation so that all of the faces were easily visible face on, next to each other. so the painting is more of a display like a stage in order to show all of the disciples reactions rather than an account of what happened. Da Vinci has planned this picture meticulously, adding very subtle hints to the picture such as the hand holding the knife it does not belong to anyone as it is not at the right angle for anyone to holding the knife. taking into account that Da Vinci was a master of drawing the human form it would seem very unlikely that this is simply a case of careless placement ,I think rather that as it is placed in front of Judas(the traitor) ...read more.


However if you look at the picture without the red lines it is very discreet and subtle. His red clothing also helps him to stand out above all others in the picture. The picture could either be a documentation of the disciples reactions towards Jesus announcing there is a traitor among them or Judas revealing he was the traitor but since Da Vinci has used these techniques to draw attention to Jesus I probably think it was the announcement that there was a traitor present and all twelve have reacted to the news in different degrees of horror, anger and shock. Another main purpose of the picture is to mark the introduction of the Eucharist, where the disciples are given precise instructions on how to eat and drink in the future, in remembrance of him. This is shown by the opened arm gesture pointing towards the food in anticipation of his death. ...read more.

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