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The Last Supper

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The Last Supper took place on Holy Thursday in a large furnished room in the upstairs of a house in the city. Jesus and the twelve disciples all took part. The disciples were all Jews and on the day of the Last Supper they were, in fact, celebrating the Passover. The Passover was celebrated by all Jews each year to commemorate the escape of Jews from slavery in Egypt. The meal the Jews ate the night they escaped was full of symbols. The unleavened bread is a sign they had to leave in a hurry. A mixture of nuts and honey was a symbol of the bricks and mortar they had to mix in Egypt. The egg was a symbol of new life. A piece of roast lamb was a reminder of the Passover lamb and the bitter herbs, a sign of suffering in Egypt. On the day of the Passover Jesus sent two of his disciples into the city and told them to meet a man with a jar of water. Such water-carrying was a woman's work in those days, so a man carrying a jar would have been very noticeable. ...read more.


The Lords Supper-The word 'supper' emphasises the meal of Christian fellowship. The Breaking Of Bread-The original language of the new testament is translated.....'In the breaking of the loaf (or bread)' The Mass-this is used by the Roman Catholic Church. It is taken from the Latin word 'Missa' which means 'Ended' or 'Finished'. It was one of the last words in the mass in Latin. Some Christians do not celebrate the Eucharist very often. Jehovah's' witnesses celebrate only once a year as a memorial of 'The Last Supper'. Presbyterian churches used to hold the service about four times a year. After the congregational church in England and Wales and the Presbyterian church in England joined into the one United Reformed Church, there had to be some adjustments to the frequency of the service. The 'Sunday Service' of the Methodist church allows for a service with or without the Sacrament or Sacred meal. A 'Communion Sunday' in the Baptist church includes the ministry or service of the word and the ministry of the table. The church of England celebrates Holy Communion frequently, at least once a week. ...read more.


Holy Communion is a very special day in all children's Holy Life as it entitles them to meet with Jesus for the first time in the form of bread and wine. In my opinion, young people today are a lot less respectful to the Eucharist than their ancestors were. Young people today do not have the same faith as the people who came before them. Young people think Mass is a waste of time and will only go when they are forced to by their parents. It would appear that it is 'uncool' to be seen at Mass with their family. Conclusion. The church of England celebrates Holy Communion frequently, at least once a week. Jehovah's witnesses celebrate only once a year as a memorial of the Last Supper. Celebrating less attaches more importance, although there is a sense of spiritual nourishment for the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches as they celebrate daily. Rooted in Christ- with individual differences- Christians are encouraged to accept these differences and to love one another as I have loved you. I am mindful and aware of other traditions and their practices. I respect these varied approaches to worship and can appreciate them for their differences. However, as a Christian but also a Catholic my faith is traditional, ancestral and encompassing. ...read more.

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