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"The Love;y Bones"

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Personal Study Essay "The Lovely Bones" By Alice Sebold Question : Choose a novel with an interesting or unusual narrative voice. Explain the narrative voice and how it affects the readers understanding of the novel. Plan Para 1 - Introduction. - Title, Author, theme. - It concerns.... - Narrative voice - Intention Para 2 - Brief Summary - Weeks following death... - School friends - Family (brother...marriage.) Para 3 - Setting - Unfolds from heaven...holds Susie back... - Easier to understand characters - Knows people better - as does reader - How Susie relates Para 4 - "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold is a novel about growing older and wiser and dealing with loss. It concerns an adolescent girl who is raped and murdered and has to watch her family get over her death while she is in heaven. I intend to explore how the author uses techniques to involve me in the central character's metaphorical journey to acceptance of her fate. ...read more.


An example of this is when Susie's mother walks out on the rest of the family. The reader is encouraged to decide whether this was a selfish act or if it was for the best. Although set in heaven, the novel is more about life than death as it concerns the breaking up of a family and growing up and dealing with loss. The setting really holds Susie back. Although she can watch the living, she cannot help them. When her brother claims he has seen his murdered sister, Susie asked herself, "Had my brother really seen me somehow, or was he merely a little boy telling beautiful lies?" She longs to be able to communicate with the living and hates how she knows whom the murderer is but can't point the police in the right direction. Just as this irritates Susie, it begins to annoy the reader, as they too want Mr George Harvey to be caught. ...read more.


If her father dies she knows he will be with her and she wants that more than anything. However if that does happen he is leaving Buckley, Susie's younger brother, alone. She continues to watch from heaven as her mother at long last returns home when her father is discharged from the hospital. "I was beginning to wonder if this had been what I was waiting for," she asks herself, "for my family to come home, not to me anymore but to one another with me gone." As Susie continues to observe her family moving on, she realises that is was "no longer a Susie-fest on Earth". Susie's sister Lindsey grows up, has a child, and gets married. Buckley stops seeing her and her year at school graduates. All the people Susie knew in her life are doing the things Susie never had the chance to do and never will. In conclusion, the narrative voice, characterisation, and structure allow the reader to be pulled into the book and be involved in the central characters metaphorical journey to acceptance of her fate. ...read more.

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