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The meaning and significance of baptism for Christians today.

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AO2 The meaning and significance of baptism for Christians today will be outlined. Many Christians are baptised to follow the example of Jesus, Jesus was baptised and we should follow how he lived. As we cannot see Jesus, baptism is a sign of Christ's presence among us. Baptism is the beginning of the Christians' faith journey to God; the prayers and support of the congregation help the candidate on their journey. This is reflected in baptism. Christians are baptised because it is the great command of Jesus, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nation, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:18 Jesus told his followers to baptise people and the priest or minister uses the same words. The words express a Christian belief in the Holy Trinity. As Christians we believe that baptism enables us to overcome sin in the world, this is reflected in the Exorcism which takes place in the infant baptism ceremony. ...read more.


having been buried with him in baptism and raised with him through your faith." Through baptism we Christians join in the resurrection of Jesus and will receive eternal life. This is a reason why baptism is significant to Christians. Christians are baptised to become a member of God's Church and family, to be a part of the community of believers. In baptism Christians believe we are chosen by God to be a disciple. This is symbolised in the anointing with oil, priests, prophets and Kings were traditionally anointed with oil. Christians are baptised to express their belief and faith in Jesus, this can be seen in believers baptism where the candidate repents and this is an outward sign of accepting Jesus. Baptism is a celebration of God's love and as Christians we believe God wants us to be united with him. Christians apply baptism in their lives by trying to follow the teachings of Jesus. They do this by donating to the poor or setting up organisations to help those in poverty stricken areas. ...read more.


In infant baptism an exorcism takes place to free the child from original sin but this is pointless, as babies do not sin. Despite this I can see how some people would disagree with the above statement. Parents may want children to enjoy the benefits of baptism from an early age. They want their child to be united with Jesus and want them to become a member of God's family. In infant baptism the child is protected from the effects of original sin and is strengthened against sin and evil. Baptism is the beginning of a life-long journey with Jesus and if a Christian is baptised as an infant they will grow up learning about Jesus and loving him. Their faith journey will be longer than that of a Christian who is baptised as an adult. From the points I have discussed I agree with the statement because in adult baptism the individual makes the decision to become a member of God's family. R.E Coursework- Baptism ...read more.

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