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The Meaning of Baptism in the Life of Believers

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The Meaning of Baptism in the Life of Believers To most Christian's baptism is a very special part of a person's life. In the case of infant and adult baptism it is a call to God for the Holy Spirit to enter them so they can become part of Gods family and in the case of believers baptism it is a public declaration to say that they are a Christian and that they have turned to God. Baptism dates back to the time of the Bible and even Jesus was baptised the importance of baptism can be summed ...read more.


This verse particularly supports Roman Catholics views as they believe that a person is born with original sin and if that person is not baptised, to be cleansed of the sin, they will go to hell when they die. Another verse that can be used to argue the importance of baptism is 1Corinthians 12:13 this verse (shown below) that to become part of Gods family, the one body, the person must be baptised in the name of God. 1Corinthians 12:13 ...have been baptised by the same spirit into the same body Infant baptism is also sometimes considered, by parents, as a way of thanking God by bringing the child up in the Christian faith. ...read more.


This could perhaps be considered immoral because when you have a child baptised you're are also confirming your own faith in God and making a promise to God which you are not willing to keep. Baptism has a very strong meaning which is enforced by people's beliefs and if you are not a Christian you should look at the importance it has to those who are. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Darby 10W RE GCSE Coursework - A02 ...read more.

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