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The Meaning of Life

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The Meaning of Life The human civilization has been on earth for thousands of years now. We started off with simple tools and used caves as shelter. Now we depend on computers, enjoy a luxurious life and develop new ways to improve our lives even more. I always wonder if we finally reached the final stage of improvement in our history. What else can we do? When I think about that question, the idea of the meaning of life comes to mind and I question the reason for my existence on this planet. My personal theory on this subject states that we are here to impress God with our thoughts and actions, in order to prove to Him that we can handle any obstacles on earth in order to achieve faith and glory to be prepared for God in Heaven. Then again, my theory might not make any sense to someone who doesn't believe in God. If there were no God, then what would the meaning of life for the non-believer be? The meaning of life is a very delicate subject because no one has the answer to it, but there are many theories that attempt to explain it and help us understand life better. ...read more.


We experience happiness and sadness, and we all think about death. Most of us want to be remembered when we pass away, but then we think about death and we realize that we will be forgotten and only our close family members will remember us. Other people won't really care about our death because there is no point to their life either, since the meaning of life is not known to any of us and probably never will be. We are close to our families and we seem to love each other, but that will pass as soon as death comes to us. We all have the opportunity to make our life have a larger meaning. Even if we don't believe that possibility then we can make ourselves belief that it is achievable because many people around us were able to do it. We might be apart of a political or a social movement, which might affect our lives now and benefit the future generations. For example, a scientist might be able to achieve that point in many ways. ...read more.


Could this be the meaning of life? When I ponder this quote, it brings up many questions which make me think that being a good person could be a large piece of the meaning of life. Maybe life on earth is just a test given by God for Him to see if we deserve to be in Heaven. Some people are able to prove to God that they are ready early in their lifetime while others fail and go in the opposite direction. The idea of God seems to be the idea of something that can explain everything else and lead us to the meaning of life without having to be explained itself. Many of us don't believe and it is hard for us to believe that there is such a thing. If there is no such thing as God, how did we get on this planet and what are we doing here? That question was never answered and might never be. It is the meaning of life and we all have different opinions on that subject. There are many theories and some of them make sense but have not been proven yet. As a result, the meaning of life is a mystery and may never be solved. ...read more.

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