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The message.

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THE message Messages from the soul that began by naming things, and which in time grew into still longer, more intricate stories, are still with us today. We call these messages the same thing we did in ancient times: poetry, which is itself derived from the ancient Greek root, poiein: "to make". Not to write lines, meter, rhymes, stanzas, but simply to make something where there was nothing before. This is what makes them timeless. My experience with poetry has been not been limited, but to understand the essence of poetry took a long time. I understood poetry when I was in 11th grade in Pakistan, and ever since it has attracted me, especially spiritual poetry. My first encounter with it was a poem by a very famous poet, Dr Mohammad Allama Iqbal. His poem THE INTELLECT AND THE HEART had an immediate impact on me. Poetry is a very basic and essential form of human art, which is why we all can relate to it. ...read more.


This in itself is an accomplishment for us. This is the very message that I got from this poem. It had a very positive experience and i was in a phase of judging Gods existence without even looking for him. In his poem the poet has used Intellect (Knowledge), reasoning and logical thinking synonymously for ways of acquiring the knowledge of the material universe. The ways depending upon the above faculties are the material ways of experimentation and reasoning. Similarly, he has used Heart, Intuition, and love of God, faith, belief in the realities of the unseen or transcendental universe, based on revelation, synonymously for the means of acquiring knowledge of the spiritual universe. In the matter of the controversy of Intellect and Intuition he has recognized two different situations in one of which Intellect gets precedence over Intuition and in the other the precedence is reversed; for example Learning is from you, but Divine Knowledge is from me You only seek Divinity, but showing Divinity I am. ...read more.


This poem contains two messages hidden in each other and shows that a perfect harmony dose exists between our heart and mind. Which is that through knowledge (INTELLECT) and devotion (Intuition) we can achieve inner peace as one needs inner peace to search his soul and then see the world through a learned eye, only and only then the mysteries of world will be solved and God can be found present in every aspect of nature. This is the final message i received from this poem. I like it because it explains the complex relation of intelligence and intuition and that it must co exists. Where Intellect will slowdown Devotion or Intuition will take over as Intuition is the guide and intelligence is the engine and this relation ship is like a machine which will enable us to find our way towards an understanding of Gods existence and the mysterious ways in which he works. Restlessness is the end of Knowledge But the remedy for that malady I am Look at the grandeur of my station The throne of the God of Majesty I am. 1 ...read more.

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