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The Moral and Ethical Issues Surrounding Artificial Birth Control

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THE MORAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES SURROUNDING ARTIFICIAL BIRTH CONTROL Birth is one of the most fascinating events of human life, it symbolises all that is scientifically and spiritually wondrous about the human life and the human body. Yet it is also however, a very controversial issue, with many standpoints and different groups and societies holding different views. Artificial birth control as the name suggest is the ability to control reproduction, in two ways, either by preventing it; contraception or by increasing the chances of conception through fertility treatments. Either way artificial birth control is all about giving people direct control over one of the most natural processes known to mankind. There are various forms of artificial birth control and where contraception is concerned these range from the least invasive like natural family planning methods to far greater direct methods such as birth control pills. Natural family planning methods are based on the principle that conception can be avoided by abstaining from sex during the woman's most fertile period. The two most popular methods are the temperature method and the rhythm method. ...read more.


Fertilization occurs in a laboratory dish specially prepared with a culture medium that supports and nourishes the fertilized eggs. Within about 72 hours after fertilization, embryos are transferred into the woman's uterus. IVF uses the fundamentals of birth control to offer what the users of the treatment regard only as a breakthrough, a real chance, an opportunity to conceive in the most natural way possible given the conditions of infertility. Thus it can be seen that artificial birth control works on two levels, providing both the prevention of birth as well as being used to increase the chances of conception. Many societies and faiths hold differing views on artificial birth control. The Catholic Church for example can be seen to be holding two very different approaches; on one hand there are statements, which classify artificial birth control as morally wrong, and states that 'The ban on artificial birth control is total and absolute1'. Whereas Fr. Richard McCormick maintains that 'there are many Jesuits who do not accept the idea that every contraceptive act is morally wrong. ...read more.


Not only just the freedom to choose but it may also be perceived to those couples who have benefited from fertility treatments as something which can only bring joy and happiness. Others who choose to keep a much more conservative opinion, would argue that human life begins at conception and thus by preventing conception a murder is being committed. As well as that some may say that humans have no right to 'play god' by the use of such birth control mechanisms while some may use the concept of the sanctity of life as another area upon which to launch a further assault on the issue. Ultimately however, I personally believe that with a subject so complex as this no one person or group can make a single statement to class it as moral or immoral. Each case is unique, and different couples have different needs, beliefs and difficulties and therefore each case must be examined on its own merits with the consideration of the circumstances of the couple or individual before any judgment is passed on it. 1* ." Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, The Catholic Answer, a best-selling Catholic magazine. 2 ." Thomas J. Gumbleton, Auxilliary Bishop of Detroit, in America, November 20, 1993. 1 ...read more.

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