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The Moral Issue 'Abortion'.

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The Moral Issue 'Abortion' My essay is about the argument over abortion, whether it is right or wrong for it to be carried out. Abortion is a very sensitive subject and there are many views for and against abortion, I choose to do the moral issue of abortion because I have no views for or against abortion. I wanted to know more and look into detail what abortion was and for what reasons do women have for choosing to abort their babies. In my view abortion is the termination of an unborn baby. Abortion is carried out if the developing is not wanted for some reason. There are different kinds of abortion. There is 'Spontaneous abortion' and 'Induced'. Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage is when the foetus dies naturally inside the mother. Induced abortion is when the foetus is deliberately removed in some way or another. Abortion is allowed to be carried out if consent is given by two doctors and that continuing the pregnancy would involve risk to the physical and mental health of the mother or that continuing would involve risk to the physical and mental health of any existing children in the family. Abortion is a controversial issue because there are so many arguments for and against whether abortion is right or wrong. The following are some of the main arguments: - Religions: - Some people think it is up to god and god alone to decide if someone is to die or not. God created us and it should be up to him to end our life. Others argue that god does not exist and it is up to us to decide. Murder: - Some people think abortion is murder and others argue that the baby is only potential life. Who decides: - Some people think it is up to god to decide. Others think that the women should be the only one to decide whether to have the abortion or not. ...read more.


This number is still rising today. The probable reason for this increase in abortions each year is probably due to our change in attitude towards it and the availability of abortions through the UK. Today we treat abortion as a secondary contraceptive. Our attitudes are changing slowly due to the fact that religion is not as important today in the modern day world. Back in the 19th century nearly every one followed a certain religion. Nearly all religions are against the idea of abortion. The law back in the 19th century was that if a woman tried to escape the burden of an unwanted child the penalty was life imprisonment. A quote from the Conservative Christian Fellowship which states "The abortion culture has not only terminated unborn life, it has cheapened society's attitude to all life in all its stages." Case studies: - Helen Green who is 34 has had three abortions and doesn't feel guilty about any of them. She said "I don't fell guilty about my abortions. I think it is far more selfish to drag a child you don't want into the world than to terminate a pregnancy early on." She had her first abortion when she was 19 because she didn't use contraception for one time and got pregnant. She was a student but her boyfriend had dropped out. She decided to have an abortion because she was too young and didn't have enough money to support a child. Helen got pregnant 18 months later and the circumstances had not changed at all. Helen's third abortion was four years ago. She had the abortion because she said "My husband has just set up his own business so were working really hard - a baby wouldn't fit into our lives." Alison May had an abortion four years ago. She used a condom with her partner but it didn't work. She was pregnant and her partner had left her. ...read more.


Yet we already see that there are disagreements between such a small group of people. The whole picture is on a very greater scale and millions and millions of people have disagreements on whether abortion is right or wrong. This cause debates and sometimes in the worst cases even violence. In America some doctors who carry out abortions are targeted by people and killed for what they do. Conclusion: - My own opinion on abortion is very varied. There are so many reasons for women having abortions. Every woman will have her reasons for abortion and it will not have been just a 2-minute decision. They will have thought long and hard about what to do. It all seems so easy until you look at it from someone else's eyes. If I was a woman at the age of 15 and got pregnant I would choose abortion because I would not be able to cope with the emotional pressures. I would have all my life ahead of me and I would have to leave school to care for that child. It is however a very hard subject to come to a certain opinion. You can look on abortion as murder. Or you can see the baby as potential life. If a girl is under age and does not want the baby I think that she should be allowed to have an abortion because she has her whole school life and career still ahead of her. The emotional pressures of abortion must be high knowing that you have just ended your own baby's life. I think abortion should also be allowed in cases such as if the child is severely disabled. But what do we define as severe. That is the question to be asked. Where do we draw the line? The dilemma of abortion is not one that can be overcome quickly. Each case is different; each woman has different needs, hopes and dreams. ...read more.

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