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The Mosque

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The Mosque The mosque is an Islamic holy place; in Arabic it is called a Masjid. It simply means the 'place of prostration' because frankly speaking you can make a mosque any where in the world as long as a Muslim kneels to prostrate. To recognize there are many unique features which you can tell it is a Masjid. There are two things that differentiate as to whether it is a Masjid or not. They are the a Dome and a Minaret. The Dome is a vital part of the Masjid as it allows the air to travel and make the Masjid Prayer Hall cooler. It is built on top of the Prayer Hall as it amplifies the human voice. The Minaret is a large building on the side of a Masjid, it's a tower from which the call of pray is given i.e. ...read more.


The leader is the Islamic leader called the imam, he is who leads preaches, he leads ceremony, leads the Namaz (prayer), he teaches the Qur'an to children, he teaches the Qur'an teaching on how to live according to the Qur'an. The Prayer Hall is the most essential part of the Masjid. It is used for praying performing the Namaz (prayer) it all so used for funerals and other ceremonies. It's a large space of area where all the men gather and pray. It is also a command from Allah that every Muslim to pray five time a day. The Decoration most of the Masjid is beautifully decorated with beautiful Islamic patterns and text's from The Qur'an. In any Masjid they will not be any statues, pictures as it is strictly forbidden in Islam. ...read more.


Prayer mats are also put on the walls for decoration. The Masjid besides used for performing the prayer is also a Madressa / education school where children are taught on how to read The Qur'an in Arabic language and taught the meaning and the teachings of The Qur'an. It is also used as a community center the Ummah (the Muslim community) allowing the gathering of the Ummah, improving community relations. Other Masjid also has other facilities in different thing mostly in Muslim countries. When entering the Masjid worshippers cover their heads, remove their shoes and enter with Wudu as it is shown as respect for Allah. I have talked about the importance in a Masjid, however I think that the most important feature in a Masjid is the Pray Hall this is because this is where all the Ummah (mostly men) come and join and pray together also worship. ...read more.

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